The High Tech Industry and Oracle – The Latest, Greatest Innovations

High tech manufacturers face a tough road in today’s business landscape. Not only do these companies need to accelerate every stage of their production process — from innovation to prototyping to full-scale manufacturing — they must also manage longer supply chains than ever before, distribute workloads across multiple global factories, and handle complex logistics planning.

Oh, and while they’re at it, they must also keep a close watch on their suppliers’ business practices, meet complex regulatory requirements, and deliver an outstanding customer and partner experience across multiple channels worldwide. Phew!

Luckily, the very products that the high tech industry creates can provide a helping hand to businesses in this sector– especially when industry innovators tap into Oracle’s cutting-edge solutions.

What Are the Top Trends for High Tech Companies?

Like most other manufacturers, organizations in the high tech industry need to maintain their agility while driving forward at top speed. To succeed, high tech companies are turning to the latest, greatest innovations.

  • IoT (Internet of Things)

In order to gain critical insight into product usage patterns and emerging consumer needs, companies in the high tech industry are taking advantage of the data-driven findings that the Internet of Things can provide.

Oracle meets the needs of the high tech industry with the innovative Oracle Internet of Things Asset Monitoring Cloud, which helps monitor customer’s connected products in real time to identify issues and ideas for product enhancements.

In addition, Oracle products can connect with IoT installations throughout a smart factory using Oracle IoT Production Monitoring Cloud, which can minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

  • Artificial Intelligence

The day we’ve all been expecting is here: machines can now do our complex thinking and analysis for us, and it’s really speeding up production! However, when your business needs to run at top speed all day, every day, it can become difficult to think rationally and objectively about each opportunity that comes your way.

This isn’t a failing on your part, by the way, humans just aren’t meant to perform at full capacity for the long term. That’s what machines are for.

Fortunately, AI can help OEMs in the high tech industry analyze emerging markets and make fast, confident decisions that can generate additional revenue. Highly effective AI solutions like Oracle’s Adaptive Intelligent Applications and cloud analytics tool can get you the insight you need to predict and meet consumer demand with more ease.

  • Blockchain

Many companies in the high tech industry have been working hard to develop a strategy for their consumers to take advantage of powerful blockchain technology, but surprisingly few of these companies have been able to integrate blockchain usage within their own operations. This is truly a shame because the high tech industry must contend with some of the longest, most complex supply chains in manufacturing.

Combine those lengthy supply chains with the high tech industry’s increased potential for recalls, and it quickly becomes clear why blockchain is the next big step for savvy OEMs.

On this front, Oracle has also got you covered. The publisher recently unveiled Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service, a comprehensive distributed ledger cloud platform that assists high tech industry businesses to share data and conduct easy, reliable transactions with suppliers, banks, and other trading partners.

Oracle Is Focused on the High Tech Industry… But Is Your Consultant?

As a high tech manufacturer, your business lives on the cutting edge. As a solutions provider and publisher, Oracle delivers the latest tech tools with full integration to your Oracle system. However, your consultant may — or may not— have kept up with the latest, greatest innovations that can help you stay ahead of the competition.

You need a consultant who’s just as committed to the cutting edge as you are– a consultant you can trust to keep your company pushing the limits at all times, so you can achieve your full potential.

For more than 20 years, Centroid has been helping clients accelerate confidently into the future. With a focus on the latest Oracle Cloud innovations of today and tomorrow, you’ll know that Centroid will always be there to help you navigate to your next steps and well beyond.


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