The Future of Your Business with Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud

Right now, this very second, we are all living in the future. We’ve been carrying around powerful computers in our pockets for years, some of us have ridden in a self-driving taxi, farmers across the world are implementing precision agriculture, smart cities are on the rise in the U.S. and Europe, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is powering smart factories.

I have to admit, this is all pretty darn exciting.

However, our global leap into the future is requiring us all, as business leaders and consumers, to rethink our approach to technology and how we manage it. After all, it’s becoming ever-clearer that soon a stark divide will separate the fast, efficient enterprises… and everyone else.

Find out how Centroid can help you power your business databases for faster, more efficient cloud operations that keep your organization in the lead. It all starts with Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud.

What Is Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud?

Powered by the cloud, the autonomous option for Oracle Database offers you the world-class Oracle Database you’ve trusted for years, but without the work, at half the cost, and requiring no human labor. Because Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud doesn’t require human labor and applies critical security patches instantly without requiring downtime, it’s also 100x more reliable than the on-premises or non-autonomous version of Oracle Database.

I know, that’s a lot of grand claims, but after you learn more about Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud, you’ll realize why it’s a great choice for forward-looking enterprises and you’ll see how it can shape the future of your business.

Autonomous Oracle Database vs. Automatic Database

First off, let me clarify that the autonomous database is not an automatic database. The difference matters.

  • Automatic databases monitor database needs and exceptions 24/7, triggering timely notifications for your DBA to handle. However, it’s not uncommon for large enterprises to receive ~17,000 notifications per week (source), and IT can typically only investigate about 4% of these. That’s a lot of notifications slipping through the cracks, as well as a lot of needless putting out of fires.
  • Autonomous databases use machine learning advances to bypass the DBA notification step, taking care of critical updates, upgrades, and tuning without the need for your DBA to start each process. This frees up time for your DBA and IT team, reduces your labor costs significantly, and increases the security of your Oracle Database because patches can be applied immediately, with no downtime.

In addition, the Autonomous Oracle Database tuning capabilities can efficiently optimize your compute and storage usage to save you on those costs, and best of all, autonomous Oracle Database applies all autonomous adjustments on a rolling basis, so your users will experience less than 30 minutes of downtime per year.

How to Achieve Long-Lasting Success with the Autonomous Oracle Database

Self-tuning systems, less work for your IT team and DBA, a more secure database, and impressive cost savings are all great benefits but, to be fully honest, not all enterprises experience these advantages.

That’s because an autonomous database must be able to teach itself using reasonable, understandable parameters and datasets – and setting up all that data properly takes a level of expertise that goes above and beyond the norm.

In other words, to ensure easier database management in the future, you need to set up your database properly today, which means you need to work with the right Oracle Database consultant.

Find the Right Oracle Database Consultant for Your Needs

If you’re ready to get the most out of your Oracle Database by advancing to Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right technology partner.

Find the best Oracle consultant for your needs by asking yourself 3 questions:

  1. Does this consultant have specific experience working with advanced cloud solutions, specifically Oracle Cloud solutions?

    Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud relies on machine learning tools that run in the Oracle Cloud – which is pretty cutting-edge stuff. If the partner you’re looking at doesn’t have cutting-edge Oracle Cloud experience under their belt, you would be wise to consider a different consultant. After all, this is the future of your business we’re talking about here. You don’t want to face delays because your consultant needed to educate themselves more.

  2. Does this consultant have experience in your industry?

    As with all leading-edge technology, a good setup for the future requires your consultant to be able to reliably predict at least some of your future needs. When your implementation partner has a clear understanding of your industry and the changes it’s gone through, they should also be able to make an educated guess about where your industry will be going next. Of course, you’ll always be the industry expert for your consultant, but when your Oracle partner understands your industry, you’ll have an easier time communicating your future vision– and they’ll have an easier time setting up solutions that help you execute that vision faster.

  1. Can this consultant listen?

    This is, arguably, the #1 most important question for any meaningful partnership with a technology implementation partner. Your organization is unique, which means your requirements are unique as well. A good consultant will not only have in-depth knowledge and experience with cutting-edge technology and your industry, they’ll also be able to listen carefully to your specific needs, so they can properly advise you on what will work best for your long-term growth and your long-term budget.

Centroid: Cloud Experts, Database Experts

Start your search for the right Oracle Database consultant when you contact Centroid. For more than 20 years, Centroid has helped some of the nation’s leading companies across a range of industries drive their businesses forward using the full stack of Oracle solutions.

We led the largest Oracle Cloud (IaaS / PaaS) implementation to date, we pioneered the way into Oracle Cloud managed services as one of the first Oracle Cloud MSPs in the world, and though we’ve grown a lot over the past two decades, we’re proud to say that we’re still working with our very first customer because we listen carefully and take our clients’ needs seriously.


Contact Centroid to find out if we’re the right fit to help you implement Oracle Database, so you can set up your business for long-lasting, future success — starting now.


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