The Facts Behind Oracle Database Security

Your data is the most important part of your business, which is why it’s critical to ensure that your Oracle Database security is rock solid.

As you probably already know, the database experts at Oracle distinguished themselves in 2017 by announcing “the world’s first self-driving database.” To those of us who have been in the industry a long time, it’s truly astounding to finally see the reality of a self-driving / autonomous database that can automatically update, optimize, and secure itself, without human labor.

This database advancement was decades in the making and, now that it’s here, it feels like we’re all in a futuristic, science-fiction world where anything could happen.

But that’s the point: anything could happen.

That’s why it’s time to talk about your data’s security with the Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud.

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Is the Most Secure Cloud Database in the Industry

That’s a bold claim, we know. But according to the most recent study by The Forrester Wave, updated on June 20, 2019, Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud scored the highest rating, surpassing the security of any other cloud database leader, including Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and Google.

The newest Oracle database scored 4.5 out of a total 5 on security, whereas the next rating below Oracle showed a security rating reduction of 11%; both IBM and Amazon topped out at a 4.0 out of 5 rating.

Facts are facts and, in this case, the facts are crystal clear:

If you’re looking for the most secure cloud database for your critical business data, Oracle is the one to choose.

But why is Oracle so secure? It’s because of the self-driving database concept.

Oracle’s Self-Driving Autonomous Database Is More Secure Than a Human-Managed Database

The autonomous database offers 2 key security boosts over any on-premises database, including Oracle’s own on-premises solution:

  1. Security patches are installed instantly with little to no downtime.
    This ensures that your system is kept up to date, with zero planning time or DBA labor time involved for patching, and the self-patching process is lightning-fast too. Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud limits costly planned and unplanned downtime to less than 30 minutes per year.
  1. Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud taps into Oracle’s Outstanding Cloud Security Protocols
    Automated security patching is critical to your database security these days, but cyberthreats move fast. For any data you store on the cloud, you have to ensure that the cloud provider has bulletproof cloud security — Oracle does.

With an Oracle database on the Oracle Cloud, you can trust that your data is protected by some of the strongest cloud security tactics in the industry. Oracle makes sure that they always stay a few steps ahead of cybercriminals.

In a recent interview on Fox Business, Larry Ellison, Oracle’s co-founder, chairman, and CTO, explained just how high-tech Oracle’s cloud security is. Check it out:

In a world filled with autonomous attacks carried out by maliciously programmed bots, your high-profile enterprise requires autonomous security that’s specially designed to identify and eradicate cybersecurity dangers instantly.

Your enterprise also deserves the most secure code, which only Oracle offers. As Larry Ellison stated in the Fox Business interview:

“Old cloud architectures really were never designed for security; security was an afterthought. We [Oracle] have separated our cloud control code and put it in a network of computers that are entirely separate from the computers we rent to customers. …If a customer comes in and rents a computer from Amazon, in that same computer is Amazon code. That means that customer — if they’re smart — can hack the Amazon code, take control of that computer, and then go on to other computers in the Amazon cloud and steal data.

“That is impossible to do with the architecture we have in our Generation 2 Cloud [Oracle Cloud Infrastructure] where…customer computers only [have] customer code in [them] and our…cloud control computers [have] only our code in [them]. There’s no way a customer can get at our cloud control code, hack it, and take control of the cloud.”

Get the Oracle Database Security Your Enterprise Deserves, from the Oracle Partner You Trust

Oracle’s groundbreaking database, Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud, promises to transform your database operations and security. However, since it’s autonomous and meant to run without human involvement, you’ll have to ensure that your database is set up perfectly, the first time.

To do that, you’ll need to work with an Oracle partner that not only understand Oracle Database from the inside out, but that also understands the Oracle Cloud and cloud security monitoring from the inside out.

Centroid is that partner.

As one of the first certified Oracle Cloud MSPs in the world, Centroid has been proving their mettle as a cloud security expert for years. As the driving force behind the largest Oracle IaaS/ PaaS (Oracle Cloud Platform) implementation to date, as well as the developer of one of the fastest Oracle Cloud migration solutions in the industry, Centroid’s 20+ years of Oracle full-stack experience is uniquely positioned to ensure you get the Oracle Autonomous Database functionality you want — on time and on budget.

The most secure database in the world is within your grasp. Will you grab it… or will you settle for a cloud database that will someday be considered an “also ran”?

It’s your choice, and it’s your enterprise’s data security.

Choose wisely.


Learn more about Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud, so you can make the right decision for your future.