The Biggest Oracle Technology Innovations: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

As you know from your own company, when you want to build an organization with a long-term future and long-term success, you need to ensure you’re building that organization on a solid foundation. Since you’re reading this, you already understand that Oracle technology can provide you with the foundation you need, but you may not understand why that is.

The simple reason Oracle technology provides such a great foundation for businesses is that they also have a great foundation, which has been driving their success for 41 years.

Let’s talk about that.


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Oracle Technology Yesterday: Seamless Integration

Many years ago, when business technology first became a necessity for growth-focused companies, most solutions vendors chose one specific path: software development. Larry Ellison, co-founder of Oracle, knew his future would result in a different path.

Looking forward to the future, Ellison was convinced that full integration between hardware and software would create the robust and reliable tech environment busy companies needed. As he saw it, these integrated hardware + software systems would create a streamlined, manageable, long-lasting, lightning-fast system that Oracle clients could rely on to handle their business data securely and intelligently, while overcoming technical challenges with more ease.

Though technology’s capabilities have certainly progressed since the 70s when Ellison started Oracle, the same strategy has guided Oracle’s technology decisions since, leading to Oracle’s groundbreaking engineered systems (Exadata, etc.) and other business tech marvels.

Oracle Technology Today: Cloud Champions

This integrated experience has enabled Oracle to push forward by offering a more seamless cloud integration process than competitors, one that’s highly flexible and robust to meet your future business trends.

As your organization expands across the globe, you’ll need more speed, more mobility, more data portability, reliable global implementations, and lowered IT costs. Oracle technology can do that.

Plus, since the Oracle Cloud offers IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS capabilities, and because Oracle Cloud technology is flexible enough to run non-Oracle workloads, companies that choose Oracle solutions can create a tailored, postmodern system that meets their evolving needs and increases their agility.

Oracle Technology Tomorrow: Planning for AI and Beyond

Moving toward the future, Oracle’s cloud strength and seamless cloud integration empowers Oracle clients to take advantage of the large interconnected ecosystem of integrated apps and solutions that help drive digital transformation in the modern business.

In fact, Oracle is one of the big U.S. spenders on R&D and has reinvested  $3.04 billion into research meant to help them provide advanced AI, machine learning, and neural network frameworks.

As every business leader in every industry has already seen, AI and its related functionality is forming the future– Oracle’s cutting-edge tech is the bridge that savvy leaders are using to reach that future.

Reach Your Tomorrow

Of course, though we’ve been talking about Oracle technology a lot in this article, you know that technology is only part of the formula to success. In addition to tech, you have to have dedicated leaders (you’ve got that covered) and expert service for technology implementation, maintenance, and monitoring.

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