Take BI Beyond the Desktop! See Your BI Everywhere with Oracle BI Mobile App Designer

Centroid will be exhibiting and presenting at Collaborate 2014 in Las Vegas from April 7 – 11th. Stop by our booth, #1360 on Main Street and be sure to attend our educational sessions. In one of our upcoming sessions, we will be presenting “Take BI Beyond the Desktop!”
The presentation will include a live Demo, where we will show the design process, major features and build and publish an app. As part of this presentation, we’ll give an overview of the requirements and patches used for installing the OBI MAD in short, the OBIEE version required is or later.
The mobile device market has been diversifying within the last few years. Apple’s iOS based devices are facing tough competition from Android based devices and now that Microsoft is trying to gain terrain with Windows for tablets and smartphones.
With mobile BI being a top priority for both BI Vendors and users, the mobile diversity poses a challenge to both vendors and users on whether to have a Native app for each and every mobile OS or to use a universal approach.
Gartner’s prediction for 20141 for Mobile Apps and Applications states that improved JavaScript performance will begin to push HTML5 and the browser as a mainstream enterprise application development environment.
The adoption of Business Intelligence can be increased by adopting a Mobile BI initiative, but such initiative must be able to cover the major platforms available for mobile devices and also address the increasing demand for leveraging the user interface and features the smartphones and tablets have to offer all these facts claimed for a different approach, one which embraces the multiple platforms and that allows for designing content specifically for mobile devices.
Oracle has modernized its Mobile BI approach with the new “Oracle BI Mobile App Designer” allowing the rapid design and deployment of BI Content for any Tablet or Smartphone with HTML5 browser support running on iOS, Android, Windows, etc. This solution complements the existing: “Oracle BI Mobile HD” and is part of the “Mobile Analytics for All” approach from Oracle.
All of this and more will be covered at Collaborate 2014 in Las Vegas. To learn more about the Oracle BI Mobile App Designer, be sure to add our presentation and live demo to your event agenda.

Presented by Jose Esparza, Senior Manager of Strategy and Pursuits
April 9, 2014 – 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Location: Level 3, San Polo – 3505
(Session ID #15131)

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