Streamline Your EBS Upgrade Using the Application Testing Suite

One of the biggest concerns during an EBS upgrade involves the amount of time required from business analysts and end users for regression testing. With multiple test cycles required during any upgrade, repetitive testing is time consuming and can become frustrating for users and business leaders trying to balance the needs of the business with IT participation in IT projects.
During an upgrade process, customers will typically allocate between 30%-40% of the overall project timeline for the preparation of test scenarios and the multiple rounds of regression testing. Coordinating user availability for test cycles is a difficult balancing act for project managers. Testing phases tend to drag on due to user availability not the amount or intensity of the testing. In the constant do-more-with-less business environment, lack of user engagement can be a major cause for project delays.
Oracle Application Testing Suite provides a range of products to help plan, perform and manage the testing process. For EBS customers, Oracle Functional Testing Suite for Oracle Applications provides a solution set for managing EBS regression testing.
Utilizing Oracle OpenScript, an automated java-based test tool, eliminates the need for extended user involvement in the testing cycles. Users can devote a smaller portion of their time for test validation, rather than test execution. Futhermore, Oracle OpenScript does not require deep technical knowledge of the testing platform and scripting language, allowing business users to record their processes and have minor changes made by the technical team for robust, iterative tests using test data sets.
Oracle Application Testing Suite Testing Accelerators provide a series of sample test cases for the major business functions within EBS. These pre-built scripts help accelerate the test script creation process by providing real life examples of sophisticated test scripts that can be modified for customer use.
Application Testing Suite is a comprehensive, integrated testing solution designed for Oracle Applications and Oracle databases. Application Testing Suite is comprised of the following tightly integrated products:
  • Oracle Functional Testing Suite for Oracle Applications – functional and regression testing of Oracle packaged applications
  • Oracle Test Manager – test process management, including test requirements management, test management, test execution and defect tracking.
  • Oracle Functional Testing – automated functional and regression testing of web applications
  • Oracle Load Testing – scalability, performance and load testing of web applications
  • Oracle Load Testing Suite for Oracle Applications – scalability, performance and load testing of Oracle packaged applications

This integrated, full lifecycle solution enables customers to define and manage their application testing process, validate application functionality and ensure that applications will perform under load. With Application Testing Suite, customers are able deploy application upgrade, in less time while maximizing the efficiency of their testing team.