Software Licensing – Extended Capabilities for Support and Management

There are two primary aspects to software licensing:  production and consumption.  Each aspect requires proper management and support capabilities in order to maximize the benefits:
  • Consumption:  In order to maximize internal software license usage, sufficient availability must be balanced with the cost of additional license purchases.
  • Production:  If software licenses are part of a company’s product offering, they must be generated, tracked, and managed properly over the entire lifecycle of the external customer – from trial or demo licensing, to warranty tracking.
Centroid has worked closely with its clientele to provide both standard and extended capabilities for support and management on these two sides of the licensing equation.  Some examples include:
  • Long-term support and management of FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications (from Flexera), used to serve and manage internal software license consumption.
  • Long-term support and management of FlexNet Operations (from Flexera), used to generate and manage software licenses for external customers.
  • Custom development and support of an “emergency licensing facility”, which can be used by external customers to immediately generate temporary software licenses, 24×7.  This prevents unnecessary downtime in the case of a license server failure, etc. at the customer site.
  • Custom development and support of a “renewal portal”, which can be used by external customers to regenerate and renew software licenses annually, via an online web portal.  This eliminates the need for repeated manual generation of annual licenses.
  • Custom development and support of “automatic order load” programs, which integrate with the Oracle ERP environment to automate the generation of new software licenses required by new customer orders.  This significantly lowers the manual effort required to process new orders.
Look for more details on the implementation, support, and management of these capabilities in future licensing blog entries.