Simplify Cloud Cost Management with Centroid

In the current economy, nearly every enterprise leader is looking for ways to tighten the belt financially. If this describes you, we can guess that you have already eliminated extraneous expenses, and you have already run the numbers for a hundred possible “what if” scenarios.

As you have been busy crunching the numbers, it is likely you identified that you have high cloud spend costs (especially with everyone working and purchasing online). If you have wondered how you can lower those costs – and which costs are appropriate to lower – you will be pleased to hear about the new cloud cost management solution available from Centroid.

What Is Cloud Cost Management from Centroid?

Simply put, Centroid’s cloud cost management solution helps companies automate and save a ton of money on cloud compute costs and reserved instances (RIs).

If you are ready to manage costs better on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud with fully automated infrastructure management, the cloud cost management tool from Centroid can help you achieve up to 90% cost reduction and nearly effortless management for all your cloud workloads. And we mean all your cloud workloads, including your mission-critical workloads.

The solution features SLA-backed availability and 24/7 support – along with significant cost savings. Over 2019, the solution ran 500,000 concurrent cloud instances and VMs and saved users $100 million.

Best of all, it is easy and fast to connect your cloud environments in minutes. In fact, it will probably take you longer to finish this blog post and learn about the various options you have for cloud cost management from Centroid than it will for you get set up and on the path to true cloud cost optimization.

Too busy to read the post? We set up a page to help you get fast facts on cloud cost management from Centroid.

You Have a Range of Options for Cloud Cost Management

Here at Centroid, we know that the cloud is complex. That is why our mission is to simplify the cloud. When it comes to cloud cost optimization, it does not get much simpler than using our available services to handle the work for you.

Depending on your needs, you may want to mix and match these services:

Reserved Instance Portfolio Automation

Get the most from your reserved instances (RIs) with automated buying and selling, based on your analyzed needs.

With this tool, you can treat your RIs like a stock portfolio, buying when costs are low and selling when costs are high. That way, you get the maximum ROI on your upfront commitments. To do this accurately, our tool follows 3 steps:

  1. Analysis – determine how you use your reserved instances
  2. Plan a buy/sell strategy for you – based on the findings of how you use your RIs
  3. Full automation – follow your personalized plan, buying and selling your RIs in the AWS marketplace

Reserved Instance Portfolio Automation benefits:

  • Increased average savings of over 100%
  • Frees up DevOps and Finance to focus on core activities instead of RI planning and management
  • Delivers full visibility into EC2 consumption with real-time monitoring and tuning of your RI portfolio to ensure your enterprise can squeeze the most out of your RI investments
  • Real-time monitoring and tuning of your reserved instances portfolio for max ROI on your upfront investments on infrastructure

IaaS Optimization

IaaS optimization keeps your mission-critical workloads running at lower costs and with seamless continuity.

Your enterprise does not stop running – and that means your workloads must keep running around the clock as well. With the IaaS Optimization tool available from Centroid, you can deploy mission-critical workloads on spot instance clusters with full confidence because you know that your workloads will keep going with predictable performance.

You deserve to know that your workloads will be there for you when you need them. With the IaaS Optimization tool from Centroid, you can trust that your workloads will immediately restart after a disruption from the exact same data point… and you will not have to pay an arm and a leg to achieve that level of continuity.

IaaS Optimization benefits:

  • Optimized pricing for production and mission-critical workloads
  • Seamless continuity that balances your capacity up to 15 minutes ahead of time
  • Real-time insight and predictions
  • 90% EC2 cost optimization with an 85% reduction in infrastructure management requirements
  • Automated AMI backup snapshots for faster launches, in any geo, with fewer errors
  • Deep visibility and monitoring with predictive capabilities that help you gain insight into current and projected infrastructure costs

Cloud Spend Analysis

Gain true insight into real-time cloud spend optimization tactics with actionable advice that helps you keep costs low and performance high.

Centroid’s available Cloud Spend Analysis solution helps you act fast in response to unexpected cloud spend, so you can maximize your cost efficiency the easy way. Not only does this solution identify cost anomalies and alert you of them instantly, it also acts as your AI guide by providing you with actionable advice that is easy to implement and automate.

In addition, you can use the Cloud Spend Analysis solution to access targeted KPIs that help you track the efficiency of the actions you have taken and tap into Machine Learning tools that forecast your cloud spend. Savvy leaders rely on continuous usage optimization, cost-efficiency, and advice from the Cloud Spend Analysis tool available from Centroid.

Cloud Spend Analysis benefits:

  • Flexibility to handle web services, container workloads, big data, or stateful applications
  • Visualizations that help you understand your cloud spend at a glance
  • Efficiency calculations, based on a score derived from a blend of savings opportunities
  • Confidence – so you can eliminate your unused resources worry-free

Easy Container Management

With “set it and forget it” container management from Centroid, you can work smart with fewer management tasks.

The seamless integration from the Container Management solution available from Centroid simplifies management for your containerized workloads and helps you gain real insight into hyper-granular cluster cost breakdowns for your compute and storage.

Additionally, Container Management users use more, save more, and work less because our available solution delivers up to 90% cluster utilization, advanced cost optimization, and managed services you can trust to handle your container management, hassle free.

Container Management benefits:

  • Auto-scaling and right-sizing of container resource requirements, including auto-detection of your specific needs and usage
  • Reduction of infrastructure management tasks by up to 85%
  • Average savings of 75% for EC2
  • Flexibility and ease in running different instance types in a single cluster
  • Elimination of underutilized instances

Optimize Your Cloud Cost Management the Easy Way!

For more than 20 years, Centroid clients have enjoyed optimized tech usage, a predictable ROI on their critical tech needs, and a team they can trust to handle all the details, so enterprise leaders can make sure their mission-critical and other solutions run seamlessly.

With the wide-ranging cloud cost management toolset from Centroid, you now have the powerful, predictive, managed solutions you need to handle multicloud cost optimization easily and quickly. In fact, your enterprise can set up our available solutions in just a few minutes right now, so you can start experiencing your cloud computing cost savings in record time.


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