Run Oracle Workloads Anywhere (We Mean It!) with Centroid’s Wide-Ranging Expertise

Oracle workloads on the cloud offer high performance, speed, and efficiency, as well as impressive cost savings for existing Oracle users, but many enterprises overlook one of the biggest competitive differentiators for choosing Oracle: portability.

Few enterprise leaders realize that Oracle Cloud workloads can run seamlessly on non-Oracle infrastructures, including AWS and Azure, as well as work with Windows and Linux operating systems.

Read this article to learn the details about what it takes to achieve true portability with Oracle workloads and find out how you can ensure your cloud transformation stays on track and on budget– no matter which infrastructure you prefer to use.

It’s True: Oracle Workloads Really Do Run Anywhere

Oracle workloads run most efficiently on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure because they can tap into automated intelligent optimization capabilities, utilize low-cost storage, deliver extreme performance and flexibility, and simplify licensing tasks. However, some enterprises prefer to run their Oracle workloads on AWS instead.

If you’ve been running Oracle solutions for years and you’re looking to migrate to the cloud, but you prefer to use AWS for your own reasons, all you need to do is work with the right Oracle partner – one that can set your system up properly.

Your Seamless, Multi-Platform Migration Requires a Multi-Platform-Certified Consultant

As we all know at this point, the one constant with software migrations and implementations is that, well, there are very few constants. Any experienced IT pro understands that technology changes always result in unexpected surprises; there’s always something that doesn’t act as planned or that requires creative programming skills to properly integrate.

In fact, the more complex your environment, the more likely it is that you’ll run into potential issues– and long-standing enterprise environments comprised of layered legacy systems make potential issues especially debilitating. Even one small bug in a complex enterprise system can create a huge disruption in the future.

Migrating Oracle workloads to a non-Oracle environment isn’t difficult for a team of professionals certified to work in a range of platforms. However, if your Oracle consultant or AWS migration team doesn’t have the full array of skills required to handle Oracle workloads in an AWS environment, you may run into costly delays that necessitate hiring a third-party team to come in and bridge the gaps.

Having been called into the aftermath of projects like that, we can say we’ve seen a large number of those implementations and migrations. You can imagine the ugly details – and you’ll understand when we tell you: you don’t want to deal with that situation in your migration.

The best way to overcome surprises and ensure a clean, seamless integration on the IaaS of your choice is to work with an Oracle expert that is certified to work on multiple cloud infrastructures, including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and AWS.

Centroid: Oracle Experts, AWS Certified

As cloud and Oracle experts, Centroid has spent more than 20 years focused on integrating the full stack of Oracle solutions. We’ve been proud to drive some of today’s largest, most cutting-edge cloud projects, including the largest Oracle IaaS/ PaaS implementation to date. We are also AWS certified.

This combination of skills means we provide our clients with the full flexibility, support, and expertise they need to ensure a successful migration – no matter where they choose to run their Oracle workloads.

In short, when you work with Centroid, you’ll be working with an expert team that can help you run your Oracle workloads smoothly, efficiently, and securely — with impressive stability — on Oracle or AWS. The sky’s the limit when you “dive up” to the cloud with Centroid.

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