How to Right-Size Your Oracle Cloud System

Let’s get right to the heart of the matter: cloud computing undeniably makes it easier and more convenient to run your business from anywhere and at any time… but that convenience can cost quite a bit of extra money if you aren’t smart about how and when you take advantage of it. 

Learn how you can manage the dreaded “cloud sprawl” when you right-size your Oracle Cloud systems with Oracle Cloud Managed Services. 

The Problem of Cloud Sprawl

Virtual servers can feel a lot like virtual filing systems. Since they take up no physical space in your office, you don’t think about what they’re filled with – you just keep filling them day after day, year in and year out. As you’ve probably seen with virtual file storage services, costs can add up quickly for those excess digital files, even if the space each item takes up seems negligible. 

(Example: How much are you paying to store the bulk of your family’s smartphone photos, including the bad and blurry ones, on the cloud? Are you paying for an expensive terabyte of cloud storage, just because you didn’t have time to delete bad photos?)

In the same way that virtual file storage can become overburdened, virtual servers can also become overburdened, leading you to scale up your resource usage on your cloud services. Of course, you can scale those resources down too, but that requires taking the time to carefully determine your cloud resource needs – and that’s likely to happen right around the time you finally go through all those digital photos (ahem, never). 

This problem of overburdened cloud resources and their resulting extra costs is known as “cloud sprawl,” and it creates a serious problem for cloud business services users. 

Luckily, there’s a way to easily keep your cloud sprawl in check: hire an Oracle Cloud Managed Services Provider (MSP) to monitor and manage your Oracle Cloud systems and resource usage for you. That way, you can balance your costs with your usage. 

With an Oracle Cloud MSP right-sizing your cloud systems, you may even achieve a fast ROI. Many other enterprises are recouping their costs quickly after they outsource cloud management to an Oracle Cloud Managed Services Provider

What Does an Oracle Cloud Managed Services Provider Do? 

There’s a limited number of Oracle Cloud Managed Services Providers in the world, and they all deliver slightly different services. However, in general, you can count on an Oracle Cloud MSP to:

  • Monitor your cloud systems around the clock to make sure your systems are secure and running smoothly (some also monitor your on-premises Oracle systems)
  • Carefully manage your enterprise cloud resource usage to ensure that you always have the bandwidth you need, but that you aren’t paying for more than you require
  • Update and patch your Oracle Cloud systems to promote maximum cybersecurity for your business data
  • Assist with Oracle Cloud-related improvements, such as better reporting into your cloud usage and statistics, and implementation of helpful tools and solutions
  • Advise your internal IT team on emerging, relevant Oracle Cloud advancements and releases, so they can make informed decisions that drive the enterprise to new heights

Warning: Right-Sizing Your Cloud System Takes Experience

If it were easy and fast to right-size a cloud system, a problem like cloud sprawl wouldn’t exist. However, cloud resource management isn’t easy; it’s extremely complex – especially if your enterprise runs 24/7, cloud-based, mission-critical operations around the globe. 

Right-sizing a high-performance cloud infrastructure such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure takes a lot more than deleting a few blurry pictures (to return to our earlier metaphor); it takes a carefully coordinated strategy paired with the intuition borne from years of cloud systems management experience

And there are very few Oracle Cloud Managed Services Providers in the world who have that level of expertise. 

Choose Centroid: The #1 Oracle Cloud Expert for Right-Sizing Your Oracle Cloud Systems

For more than 20 years, Centroid has been helping enterprises across a wide range of industries leverage the full Oracle technology stack to solve critical business problems and pull ahead of the competition. 

The Centroid team themselves have also pulled ahead of the competition, certifying as one of the first Oracle Cloud MSPs in the world and pioneering the largest Oracle Cloud IaaS/PaaS (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) implementation to date. 

Recognized by Oracle as one of North America’s top Cloud Experts, Centroid has years of experience managing and monitoring clients’ Oracle Cloud systems to ensure that cloud resource usage stays under control and that cloud sprawl becomes a worry of the past. 


Oracle Cloud Managed Services provide a lot more than resource usage optimization. Visit the Managed Services page to learn more about how you can rely on Centroid to help you get more out of all your cloud services, starting now.