R12 Payments – Payments Administrator (Part 1 of 2)

The Payment Administrator is a collection of settings to define the various components used to create payables documents using the Payment Process Request.  There is a wide variety of processing options available and the Payment Administrator groups these together in a single place. This article will focus on two of the more common elements, the Payment Process Profile and Payment Formats.
Payment Formats are, just as the name implies, the XML Publisher templates used to format the Payment.  In Release 12 Oracle Payables creates an XML file that contains the complete payment information and this file is formatted using XML Publisher into the desire format.  The templates are typically RTF templates are used for printed formats and XLS templates for file formats.
To create you XML Publisher template you first need to obtain the XML produced by the Payment Process Request.  Fortunately for us Oracle has provided the ‘Extract Identity’ template to provide the XML. See My Oracle Support Note 562806.1 for more information.
The Payment Process Profile ties together all the necessary objects for processing payments in R12.  It defines how the documents are created, formatted and processed. It encompasses items as diverse as grouping rules and regulatory reporting, along with payment selection criteria and post processing activities.  Typically the Payment Process Profile is used to setup the conditions for various types of documents such as checks, outsourced payment files and EFT documents.
Payment Process Profiles are linked to the Payable Documents for a Bank Account and informs the Payment Process Request how to create the payments.
At its core the Payment Process Profile links the Payment Format to the Payment Instructions.  For those familiar with processing payment prior to R12 the Payment Process Profile is like a dream.  For the most part all your payment scenarios are covered by setups and templates and the Payment Process Profile is the key.
The Payment Process Profile allows you to control the selection of payments by specifying criteria for each of the processing steps; Payment Selection, Payment Building, Payment Formatting and Payment Post Processing.   You can specify the Payment Methods, Currencies and Operating Units for payment selection; grouping and limits for payment building; and templates, printers and file locations for payment formatting.
Because you can specify items in the Payment Process Profile that may also be defined on a Payment Process Template, Bank Account, or some other Payables objects you need to be sure they do not conflict.  For example if you set the minimum document amount in the Payment Profile to $10.00, but the minimum amount on the Bank Account is $20.00, the value on the bank account will override the Payment Profile.
Stay tuned for our next part on R12 Payments Administrator focusing on Payment Process Templates!