Propeller Head vs. the MBA: Why You Need an Oracle Partner Who Understands Both Business and Technology

Does it sometimes seem like IT and the boardroom are speaking different languages when discussing or planning business success? This is a common problem for companies across the world, yet this lack of communication can be extremely frustrating for both groups. IT may feel like the C-suite is running them around in circles, and execs often feel that IT is needlessly standing in the way of growth opportunities.

Unfortunately, this situation is untenable in the long term because it often results in a lack of collaboration between these two highly critical business areas. Companies lacking in collaboration often find themselves lacking in innovation too.

Luckily, you don’t have to stage a battle every day between the propeller heads and the MBAs at your company; it is possible to get everyone on the same side. All it takes is bridging the communications gap.

An Oracle partner who understands both business and technology can help.

How a Propeller Head Views and Measures Performance

Conversations between the techies and the C-suite at your company probably reference measurable outcomes andworkloads, but both groups may be surprised to learn that these words have different meanings in the different areas of your company.

For IT professionals, “measurable outcomes” typically reference network uptime and availability, and “workload” usually means the processing power your various business applications use.

Considering these definitions, it shouldn’t be surprising that the IT staff at your company focuses on measuring technological performance, as opposed to overall business performance. For instance, ROI may mean very little to your techs because they’re focused on the integrity of your data. Failover protections and elasticity are some of their top concerns.

It’s critical for forward-thinking companies to have the right technology backing them, but today’s savvy business leaders know that technology can’t do everything; true success requires a balanced consideration of both business and tech performance. (Hint: that’s where an Oracle partner can help.)

How an MBA Views and Measures Performance

Since techies measure performance in terms of tech capabilities, it’s only natural that business leaders would measure performance in terms of business capabilities. To an MBA, “measurable outcomes” refer to customer satisfaction, supply chain transparency, sales numbers, or any other revenue/production-related metric. “Workload” refers to that tall stack of papers on your desk.

In business school and in the day-to-day processes of running a successful company, the C-suite learns to define and measure “performance” as anything that drives business growth, such as increased revenues that result from better efficiencies or fast ROIs. Aside from the fact that network downtime or computer problems can bring operations to a screeching halt, the C-suite doesn’t tend to consider technology much. To them, it’s simply a tool they use to get business done.

Since, of course, the IT department has the extremely complex task of making sure that those tech tools work seamlessly all the time for every member of a company—all while meeting compliance and security needs around the clock—the typical, rather dismissive business view of tech can seem a bit… insulting. This may also cause a rift in communications (and it likely explains why these two areas of the company often view each other with animosity).

How an Oracle Partner Can Bridge the Gap Between IT and the Board

As you can see, the IT department and the boardroom are in fact speaking different languages. The benefit of hiring an Oracle partner is that your Oracle consultant will be able to understand and translate between the propeller heads and the MBAs, so you can better achieve the successful business growth that results from successful business communication.

This cross-departmental understanding also gives your Oracle partner the ability to come up with creative solutions to meet your unique needs, and it helps you ensure that your business technology will meet your industry’s regulation requirements.

With a seamlessly crafted and implemented tech solution, your business leaders and your IT leaders will get the capabilities they need, along with the features they want.

In essence, no matter how you define measurable outcomes or workloads, the right business technology will help your performance.


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