Plug into the Cloud with Oracle Database 12c

Oracle Database 12c is the latest generation of Oracle’s best-known database. It is now designed for the cloud and will help you make better and more efficient uses of your IT resources.
Oracle Database 12c is based on a new multitenant architecture with new enhancements and features. It now includes a feature that Oracle calls “pluggable databases.” These allow a single Oracle database to hold multiple databases, enabling you to have more efficient use of your system resources and far easier management as well as improved service levels. The pluggable databases are also a better way to achieve multitenancy for your cloud applications.
In the past, Software as a Service vendors have used multitenancy at the application level. In this case, multiple customers share single applications while their data is stored separately. Instead, when the multilatency is shifted down to the database layer, the result is increased security and optimized data storage and compression base on usage patterns.
This new technology comes with additional features, including:

•  Continuous access with Oracle’s maximum availability architecture

•  Secure enterprise data with a comprehensive defense-in-depth strategy

•  Simplified in-database of Big Data

•  Implemented Database as a Service using the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

Plug into the Cloud

Today’s industry research shows that many IT organizations have already taken the first steps on their journey towards the cloud, particularly as it’s become far more commonly-used and secure with regard to data. This isn’t surprising, as cloud computing offers the opportunity for IT organizations to be more responsive to changes in their application workloads and business demands and growth, while also reducing IT complexity and costs. And plugging into the cloud with Oracle Database 12c does just this.

There is a range of other technologies with using Oracle Database 12c within the cloud. These include:

•  Oracle Real Application Clusters – These support the transparent deployment of your databases across servers. This provides fault tolerance from planned outages or hardware failures.

•  Oracle Automatic Storage Management – This provides volume management and file system functionality for the database files. Storage consolidation and provisioning for database cloud is simplified, and there is rebalancing for the even distribution of I/O and protection from disk failure. There is also automatic mirror reconstruction and resynchronization.

•  Oracle Exadata Database Machine – This provides you with outstanding database performance for data warehousing, OLTP and mixed database workloads. You receive a pre-configured collection of software, servers and storage.

“We are very enthusiastic about all the new features of Oracle Database 12c—our customers will quickly become interested in the new multitenant architecture. Using a multitenant container database and pluggable databases will help them to decrease the TCO of their Oracle Databases,” said Jim Brull, Managing Partner at Centroid.

With its new multitenant architecture and numerous other features, Oracle Database 12c makes it easy for you to deploy and manage your database clouds. It also enables you to leverage the flexibility and cost savings that plugging into the cloud offers.

The benefits from consolidating your databases onto the cloud can be measured in terms of improved IT service levels and reduced costs and rapid returns on investment.

Why not become the next business to successfully take on Oracle Database 12c?