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Three Tips for CIOs During COVID-19

As the president extends national social distancing recommendations to April 30, and states consider extending their stay-at-home orders, it’s become increasingly clear that the COVID-19 pandemic will last for a while. Since nearly 75% of Americans will soon be stuck at home most of the time, you’ve probably already planned or executed your Work From […]

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Your Digital Business Transformation: Is There a Future for ERP? (Part 4)

Part 4 will be my final article about how an “Enterprise Business Capabilities” (EBC) strategy will lead to true digital business transformation by overcoming outdated ERP thinking in the next decade of the 2020s. If you haven’t seen the other parts yet, check out why EBC will be critical for enterprise success, what EBC is, […]

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Your Digital Business Transformation: Is There a Future for ERP? (Part 3)

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this in-depth series on digital business transformation for the future of the enterprise, I offered a clear explanation on what an “Enterprise Business Capabilities” (EBC) strategy is and why EBC is critical for enterprises as we enter into the new decade of the 2020s. Now, let’s talk about how your […]

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Your Digital Business Transformation: Is There a Future for ERP? (Part 2)

In my last article, which was Part 1 of the in-depth digital business transformation series for 2020 and beyond, I introduced the concept of EBC, “Enterprise Business Capabilities.” Here in Part 2, I’ll explain what EBC is and why it’s so important for the future of your enterprise. Let’s dive right in. Would you rather […]

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Your Digital Business Transformation: Is There a Future for ERP? (Part 1)

Here’s some great news: It appears that the folks over at Gartner research firm have determined that there’s an easy way for your enterprise to realize 60% more business value by 2022. According to them, all that’s required for you to achieve true digital business transformation is continuous improvement of your SaaS ERP! Sounds simple, […]

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So, You’ve Chosen Oracle Cloud ERP…. Now What?

First off, before we get into the nitty-gritty of what the next steps are after selecting your Oracle Cloud ERP, let us take a moment to say, “Congratulations!” Choosing a new ERP is a difficult, stressful process, yet you’ve successfully navigated that hurdle and now you’re ready to move on.  But how exactly do you […]

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Understanding Oracle Cloud Integration

There’s a lot to the Oracle Cloud. One-of-a-kind solutions, unique cross-platform flexibility, and, of course, the world-class performance you expect from an Oracle solution. However, the many options available in the Oracle Cloud can make it difficult to properly understand how Oracle Cloud integration works.  This is important, so to help you sort out the […]

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Build Your Cloud Competencies with Oracle Managed Cloud Services

With today’s IT skills gap, enterprises are racing to lock in top IT experts at competitive rates. However, since IT skills are in high demand in our modern, tech-driven world, it’s hard work to “lock in” tech experts. A lot of IT personnel job-hop frequently for higher pay or higher-status jobs at Amazon, Google, or […]

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How to Tailor-Fit Your Oracle Cloud ERP to Make It Yours

Ready to join the more than 73% of organizations that already have at least one application in the cloud? Ready to supercharge your business with the flexibility, power, and agility of Oracle Cloud ERP?  Hold up!  Before you dive into the cloud ERP from Oracle, check out these 3 critical steps you need to follow […]

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Optimize Your Oracle System with Oracle Managed Services

You invested in Oracle systems for a reason: because your enterprise deserves the fastest, highest performing tech solutions on the market.  Ensure that your Oracle systems stay lightning fast, fully secure, and 100% aligned with your business objectives when you choose to optimize your Oracle systems with an Oracle Managed Services team (Oracle MSP).  Learn […]

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