Check Out Centroid's Latest Concept: Move Any Oracle Workload to OCI for $10K


Simplify Cloud Cost Management with Centroid

In the current economy, nearly every enterprise leader is looking for ways to tighten the belt financially. If this describes you, we can guess that you have already eliminated extraneous expenses, and you have already run the numbers for a hundred possible “what if” scenarios. As you have been busy crunching the numbers, it is […]

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Find Out Right Now If Oracle Cloud ERP Is Right for Your Enterprise

If you are confused or unsure about whether cloud apps are right for your company, you will be relieved to hear that there is a reason for that: the cloud is so very flexible that it can be confusing to navigate through all your options and all the possibilities!  There is no need to worry […]

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How to Bring All Your Data Together the Fast and Easy Way with Autonomous Integration Cloud Services

One of the biggest challenges for data management in the enterprise lies in bringing all your disparate data together. Of course, you never want to silo your data, but some data naturally wants to silo itself. For example, data naturally gets siloed when you are running multiple environments, such as an on-premises system, a handful […]

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Your Guide to Multicloud Part 6: Do You Have the 5 Key Skills for Multicloud Readiness?

Not sure if your I&O department is ready to make the leap to a multicloud environment? Scan this handy checklist to see which tasks and capabilities you already possess, versus which ones you still have yet to master for your multicloud strategy.  When migrating to the cloud or multicloud, you know that a roadmap is […]

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Your Guide to Multicloud Part 5: Data Management Tips & Tricks for the Multicloud

Multicloud environments can lead to data management challenges all too easily. In this article, you will gain insight into why and how the multicloud affects your data management practices, you will learn tips to simplify the process of data management, and you will discover why data success in multicloud may require you to “unlearn” common […]

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Your Guide to Multicloud Part 4: How I&O Leaders Can Maintain Relevance in a Multicloud World

This article offers strategies that I&O leaders can use to position themselves as in-house experts on all things cloud. At the close of this article, you will understand the steps you must take to stay relevant in the Age of Multicloud. You will also know who to ask when you are ready for help setting […]

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Your Guide to Multicloud Part 3: Why I&O Leaders Lay Awake Worrying About Multicloud (And How CSPs Can Help!)

In this article, we will address the top worries that I&O leaders have about multicloud environment deployments and provide a brief introduction on how you can fix each of these potential issues with internal skills or by working with a cloud solutions provider with expertise in multicloud environments.  Part One touched briefly on potential concerns […]

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Your Guide to Multicloud Part 2: Multicloud Myths and Facts 

Do not be fooled! Many of the so-called “benefits” of multicloud are oversold or are based on out-of-date reasoning. At the conclusion of this article, you will have the facts you need to clearly identify and dispel long-standing myths about multicloud solution deployments.  Multicloud environments offer a range of benefits over their single-cloud counterparts, but […]

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Your Guide to Multicloud Part 1: What Is Multicloud?

After reading this article, you will have a clear understanding of what the multicloud is and how to most effectively leverage it across your organization.  Before beginning an investigation into the best way for I&O leaders to position their departments and expertise in a changing multicloud world, it is best if we make sure that […]

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For Help During the COVID-19 Emergency, Turn to Your MSP

According to the Pandemic Preparedness team at Gartner, “A pandemic can result in a possible staff absenteeism exceeding 40% for extended and sequential periods.”  As an I&O leader, how would your team handle that level of absenteeism? It’s likely that, at this point, your I&O team is overwhelmed with Work From Home (WFH) support requests, […]

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