Overview of Oracle Cloud Services

Oracle Cloud services run the gamut, offering world-class solutions for cloud infrastructure (IaaS), cloud platforms (PaaS) and, of course, cloud applications (SaaS). All Oracle Cloud solutions deliver seamless Oracle integration and enhanced performance.

Uniquely in the industry, Oracle solutions also tend to play nicely with other multicloud solutions. However, what really makes Oracle Cloud services stand apart is their one-of-a-kind performance-guaranteed SLA and the strong, secure, and flexible options that Oracle offers. Options include [email protected] and the technology giant’s cloud-based, self-driving autonomous capabilities.

Let’s take a quick look at what cloud services Oracle offers.

IaaS: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure delivers blazing-fast raw performance with extremely low latency and dedicated connections. It truly is built for the always-on global enterprise. Like other IaaS solutions, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is managed and controlled by your enterprise, but Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud Infrastructure offers much more granular control than many other modern IaaS solutions.

  • Run a public cloud behind your firewall with [email protected]
  • High performance bare metal solutions fit enterprise needs
  • Integrate with Oracle tools for enhanced capabilities and speed
  • Isolate from other tenants – a unique feature in the industry!

PaaS: Oracle Cloud Platform

The Oracle Cloud Platform enables full-stack insight and performance, with a totally integrated solution that everyone from the Dev/Ops team to the IT team to the CISO can use for quick provisioning, faster deployment, or enhanced insight.

  • Use PaaS to create new apps, modernize old ones, or add customization to Oracle SaaS solutions
  • Securely integrate with Oracle infrastructure and Oracle apps
  • Tie together on-premises and cloud solutions with “single pane of glass” visibility

SaaS: Oracle Cloud Applications

Oracle Cloud Applications bring the world-class performance of Oracle on-premises solutions to the cloud, empowering your employees, customers, partners, and vendors across to globe to interact in real time with your enterprise from wherever they happen to be.

  • Oracle delivers enhanced security over competing cloud apps
  • Full-stack integration streamlines operations among your Oracle tools
  • Achieve blazing-fast performance with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure under the hood

Discover Your Options for Oracle Cloud Services

When it comes to Oracle solutions in the cloud, there’s a lot to learn – and the tech pioneers at Oracle add more capabilities and functionality to their solutions all the time. To stay on top of all your options for the cloud, it’s a smart idea to work with an award-winning Oracle Cloud consulting partner and Oracle Managed Cloud Services team that can act as your guide and support partner for all things Oracle Cloud.

Centroid is that partner.

As the only winner in the Oracle Partner Network of more than one MVP award in 2020 (Centroid won 3), Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure Partner of the Year, and the groundbreaking team behind the world’s largest Oracle IaaS/PaaS solution, Centroid is the Oracle consulting team to trust for guidance and advice on all your Oracle Cloud options.

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