Oracle Virtual Networking

For today’s businesses, your IT requirements are rapidly changing. Your data centers are moving into roles that have to respond to your customers’ needs with high levels of agility, speed, as well as 24/7 access to your applications and servers. There is also the rapidly growing cloud computing that has to allow access to services any time. As a result, you need to move your infrastructure to one that has even more efficiency and agility.

Oracle Virtual Networking helps do just this. When it’s deployed in your data center, it changes your infrastructure to one that’s highly efficient. It’s built on your choice of hardware and software, with an open architecture that enables you to dynamically connect your storage, servers and networks. Your Ethernet, Fibre Channel and all other traffic crosses a united infrastructure, and this gives you a simpler, more efficient environment that has flexible connectivity.

Among the benefits that Oracle Virtual Networking offers are:

  • Faster performance – exceptionally fast links between application servers and backup servers
  • 70 percent fewer cards, switch ports and cables – reduces the number of parts that are involved for consolidated connectivity
  • 50 percent lower capital cost – significant overall cost because of the need for fewer parts
  • 100 times greater agility – critical for new deployments, application migration and disaster recovery
  • Centralized and remote control of your resources – connectivity that can be managed from anywhere whether it’s in your office or in one half way around the world
  • Always the right input/output – lets you deploy the needed connectivity in seconds
  • The highest performance server interconnects – this is low-latency, high-speed InfiniBand connectivity for all of your servers. This gives you up to 80Gb/sec bandwidth to each of your systems, 80 times more than legacy systems provide.
  • Enhanced virtual machine deployments – delivers up to 80 Gb/sec of bandwidth that can be shared across multiple workloads, It also deals with the security issues surrounding VM migrations.
  • Guaranteed performance to critical applications – fine-grained traffic policing controls storage and network bandwidth so your applications can deliver their needed performance
  • A FutureProofed infrastructure – Oracle Virtual Networking provides a modular hardware architecture, so you can add new connectivity easily. Its open standards, so it’s interoperable with your storage, servers and switches whenever you need to.

Products in the Oracle Virtual Networking family of products include:

  • Oracle Fabric Interconnect F1-4
  • Oracle Fabric Interconnect F1-15
  • Oracle Fabric Monitor
  • Oracle Fabric Manager
  • Oracle SDN