Oracle Training Resources – Getting the Most Out of Your Investment

At this point, you’ve researched your options. You figure that Oracle’s highly flexible solutions, including Oracle Cloud IaaS/PaaS/SaaS, Oracle ERP, EPM, HCM (and more), are right for your business – but you’re not sure if they’re right for your staff. After all, how will your staff learn the systems?

Since your staff has to use your chosen Oracle solutions every day, it’s pretty important that you find the right tool for their needs.

Fortunately, there’s an easy, cost-effective way to ensure that your staff feels confident about your new Oracle solutions and fully participates in the tech adoption process starting from Day 1.

Let’s talk about the vast amount of Oracle training resources available to you and your team.

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Oracle Training Resources – A Breakdown

If your new Oracle implementation will be your first introduction to the power and speed of Oracle products, buckle in. Your new Oracle solution is likely to offer much more capability than you can even imagine.

To harness all that ability, you’ll want to train your staff.

Here are three options for your Oracle training as your business prepares to take full advantage of your Oracle tools.

1. Included Oracle Training

When you choose the right Oracle consultant, you’ll receive included training with any new Oracle implementations. This is because experienced Oracle partners know that your success with the product depends on your ability to use it properly.

As you’re demoing products and interviewing partners, make sure to ask about included Oracle training options for your staff as part of the implementation process – and beware any Oracle partner who doesn’t offer these services.

2. Free Oracle Training

Did you know that you can find a wealth of authorized Oracle training resources online for free? Whether you’re looking to learn new skills, acclimate a new employee to your Oracle environment, or simply offer refreshers and professional development opportunities to your staff, you can always find on-demand training resources you can tap into around the clock.

Start your search for free product training resources at Oracle LaunchPad.

3. Additional In-Person Training Options

As a partner in your long-term success, your Oracle consultant will offer ongoing options for both free and paid training in the form of webinars, demos, and even on-site sessions that can guide your staff as they learn a new skill or program.

If you’re not sure what kind of training your Oracle partner provides, just ask! Most partners will have a webpage, handout, or email notification system that can help keep you in the know about upcoming training options.

Get the Most Out of Your Oracle Training by Working with an Experienced Consultant

Since 1997, Centroid has been helping companies in a wide range of industries overcome industry-specific challenges with targeted Oracle solutions across the full technology stack. That full-stack expertise comes in handy when you’re looking for training because it means that, with Centroid as your partner, you can trust that you’ll have the exact training solutions you need for your staff– and you won’t have to find multiple partners to teach different areas of your systems.

As a recognized Oracle Cloud leader, Centroid is also well prepared to help you harness the power of the cloud in your business by providing clear and engaging cloud training sessions that help every member of your team understand cloud capabilities and how to maximize them.

Contact Centroid to learn more about how you can take advantage of upcoming free or paid Oracle training options.