Introducing Oracle Linux – An Alternate Option for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Customers

Take a good look at where you’re at right now with your enterprise’s Linux system. Acknowledge its attributes, but also lay blame on its faults. By looking objectively at these two areas, you can properly assess whether or not your business is best served by your current system – or whether a different one would serve you better.

If you’re running Red Hat Enterprise Linux, there’s a good likelihood you’re unhappy with your subscription costs or the inflexibility of your contracts. However, you may not be sure if it’s worth it to switch to a fast-growing, popular enterprise system like Oracle Linux.

Let’s take a look at what you might be experiencing with your current Red Hat Enterprise Linux system and how you may be able to resolve these issues while enjoying a lower total cost of ownership and better flexibility. It’s all possible with Oracle Linux.

Your Red Hat Enterprise Linux System May Not Be Working for You

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is a great choice for flexible deployments, long-term stability, and industry-standard integration. These features are what make RHEL the leading Linux distro for enterprise use, but there are some drawbacks to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, especially if your company relies on the strength and power of Oracle databases and systems.

For Oracle users, there is a better choice.

If you’re like many RHEL users, you’re likely to be experiencing a range of issues. Here are just a few of the common complaints we hear:

  • Installing critical patches results in costly downtime
  • Restrictive controls limit enterprise flexibility
  • Multiple vendors for disparate systems leave you with delayed resolution timelines

If these problems sound familiar, you have options. Just because you’re currently using Red Hat Enterprise Linux doesn’t mean you have to stick with it.

Oracle enterprise users have access to a better solution that can help their businesses reduce costs while seamlessly increasing overall performance.

Oracle Linux – A Proven Enterprise Solution

Oracle users report greater flexibility in their businesses after switching to Oracle Linux (OL) because Oracle’s Linux solution offers the capabilities that RHEL lacks, at a lower long-term cost.

Here are a few of the many benefits you can expect to experience when you start using Oracle Linux:

  • Faster security patching with zero downtime

    Ksplice, which is only available through Oracle Linux, provides enterprises with the unique capability to apply disruption-free patches that don’t require a reboot. In addition, patches and updates for OL are always freely available.

  • Flexible, Simple Support Contracts That You Control

    Oracle Linux offers access to Oracle’s award-winning support services at a lower cost than RHEL support and without the hassles. Various tiers of Oracle support can be leveraged for your systems in the manner that fits you best because, after all, it’s your software. You should have the freedom to control it.

  • Single Source of Support, Right When You Need It

    With a single team handling all technical issues for your Linux system, Oracle database, and other Oracle products, you can count on faster diagnoses and resolutions that help you maintain optimal speed for your enterprise operations.

  • Straightforward Migration from RHEL

    Oracle Linux offers two options for kernels: the Oracle Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK), which improves system performance and is only available for Oracle Linux users, and the Red Hat Compatible Kernel (RHCK), which is identical to the kernel Red Hat Enterprise Linux ships with and allows any applications certified for RHEL to run on the corresponding OL version. This provides virtually seamless migration from Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Oracle Linux.

Prepare Your Enterprise for the Modern Business Landscape with Oracle Linux

Since it’s developed by the Oracle team, Oracle Linux is simply the best solution for enterprises using Oracle’s world-class products and services. Best of all, since Oracle Linux is a proven cloud-ready solution that’s been battle-tested by running more than 57 billion transactions a day from 29 million active users in 195 countries, enterprises that choose Oracle Linux can trust that they’re selecting a solution that can help them move toward their busy future.

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