Oracle DBA Support Services

We’d love to say that your Oracle Database will never experience any technological issues, but let’s face it: it’s a tech tool and all tech tools, even the world-class solutions from Oracle, have their bad days.

Unfortunately, when your database is having issues, it can seriously impact your company. If your business is like most, even small database hiccups can cause large delays and downtime – during which you’ll be unable to generate new revenue, move forward on planned business activities, or manage the other day-to-day tasks your business relies on to ensure maximum profitability.

So, what can you do when you need database help? You can call on Centroid for Oracle DBA support services.

What Are Centroid’s Oracle DBA Support Services?

If your database is an older, reliable, tried-and-tested legacy model that you’ve been using for years, you probably want more than the self-service, minimal Sustaining Support available through Oracle. If so, you’re in luck.

With Centroid’s full-service Oracle DBA support services, you’ll get the tailored support you expect, no matter how long you’ve been using your Oracle Database.

Support services include:

  • Configuration

    Getting your Oracle Database to your preferred specifications can save your business time and effort, but you may not have the resources to handle this in-house.
  • Upgrades and installation

    Keeping your systems up to date is critical in today’s volatile cybersecurity environment. With Oracle DBA support services from Centroid, you’ll have an on-demand team to stay on top of and install important updates when necessary.
  • Optimization and fine tuning

    Updates, upgrades, enhancements, and new business strategies can all affect your Oracle Database system, but all it takes is a call to Centroid to keep your systems at peak performance.
  • Interoperability

    Integration and interoperability are critical to your success, so when you work with a Centroid tech expert for Oracle DBA support services, you won’t just be working with a team skilled in database design, a group of middleware moguls, or a collection of application architects. Instead, you’ll be working with support specialists experienced across the full technology stack, which means we’ll always be focused on interoperability for your solutions and support.


Have a brand-new database? Centroid can help with that too. Simply contact us whenever you need assistance, sit back, and enjoy the relief of full-service Oracle Database support you can trust for the life of your database.


Contact Centroid to learn more about your options for Oracle DBA support services.