Going Global with Oracle Database and Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud — World-Class Databases for World-Class Companies

Your business is running true global operations now and is generating data across multiple countries and continents, 24 hours a day. You’ve seen firsthand that data really is “the new oil,” which makes your enterprise more competitive. That’s why you’ve dutifully set up your system to collect all your data and store it in data lakes.

But there’s a problem:

You don’t know what data you have and what it’s telling you.

Just like oil, your data needs to be refined to be useful— which is why savvy business and IT leaders are turning to the cutting-edge, new Oracle Database offering, Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud.

How Does Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Differ from Oracle Database?

In terms of capabilities, Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud can do everything your on-premises Oracle Database does, but Autonomous Database Cloud offers more functionality than its on-premises counterpart.

The biggest differences you’ll see between the two solutions are that:

  • Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud is self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing.

    The new database solution requires zero human intervention to manage itself, which means you can grow your data without having to grow your database administrator (DBA) headcount. With Autonomous Database, time-consuming administrative database tasks will be taken care of for you, automatically.

  • Autonomous Database Cloud increases productivity and improves your agility.

    With the Oracle database cloud offering, any authorized user on your team can quickly and easily provision a new database with the simple click of a button. No database skills are required. This freedom increases agility companywide because it significantly speeds your innovation and development timelines, and it helps every member of your team stay on deadline, so you can avoid costly delays.

    However, the biggest difference between the two solutions relies on the power of the cloud.

  • Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud makes it easier and much more cost-effective to make better, faster decisions.

    One critical capability of the cloud-based autonomous database from Oracle is the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, which stores all your historical data with ease, helps organize your data for you, and transforms tedious business research into intuitive analytical insight — on demand.

    That’s right. Your global team can now effortlessly access secure, up-to-the-minute and historical data, from anywhere and at any time, using the world-class, cloud-based data warehouse only available from Oracle.

Know What Data You Have and How to Use It — Effortlessly

Finally, you’ll have a solution in place that makes it a breeze to track and identify all your data all the time, and use that data for making critical decisions.

You already know how important this ability is. As your company grows larger, everything it does (and everything you do) has a larger impact. Since you’re now playing on a global field, everything you do is magnified. Your successes are exponentially larger… and your missteps are exponentially more damaging.

There’s a lot at stake now that your company has gone global, and that means making the right decisions is now more important than ever.

Your world-class company deserves the world’s best self-driving autonomous database because you personally deserve the best decision-making tools on the planet. Luckily, getting these tools is easier than ever, as long as you work with the right Oracle partner.

Find Your Oracle Partner

A good Oracle partner will help you set up and extract relevant data from your Oracle database — but you need more than just a “good” partner. By choosing a leading Oracle consultant and cloud database expert like Centroid, you can rest assured that you’ll get the high-performance, optimized Autonomous Database setup your modern business requires, on deadline and on budget.

Achieve the next stage of growth for your enterprise when you migrate to the Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud with the Oracle Cloud experts at Centroid.


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