Searching for an Oracle Cloud Service Provider? Here’s What to Look For.

Whew! You have completed weeks of research creating your shortlist of preferred Oracle Cloud service providers for your enterprise. You have narrowed your potential selections to the leading Oracle Cloud consultants. You are now ready to make your final selection.

It is extremely difficult to select the perfect Oracle Cloud service provider from among the crème de la crème, but you want to make sure you end up with the absolute best Oracle Cloud provider for your enterprise.

Ready to get going? This quick guide will help make your final selection easier.

7 Top Things to Look for in a Great Oracle Cloud Service Provider

If you have trouble figuring out if the Oracle partner you are considering has specific capabilities or skillsets on this list, please ask the consultant. A good consultant will always be happy to answer all your questions, patiently and clearly.

Here is what to look for:

1. Consultancy size

Trust Goldilocks on this one: you do not want to work with a massive Oracle consultancy because you may simply be an account number to them… but you also do not want to work with an Oracle business consultancy that is too small. They may not have the bandwidth to meet your needs quickly. Choose the consultancy with a size that is just right.

2. Deep experience

The best way to determine the expertise of an Oracle Cloud service provider is to ask them for proof of their expertise in the form of case studies, awards, certifications, industry expertise, and Oracle partner badges. The badges can help you identify if the partner you are considering holds specific, relevant service expertise and Oracle knowledge.

3. Full-stack expertise

When transitioning to the cloud, you need more than a cloud expert, you need a full-stack expert that knows every aspect of your current, on-premises systems as well as your target cloud systems. Ask your Oracle consultant candidates about their knowledge of Oracle Cloud based solutions and Oracle on-prem solutions.

Expert tip: Remember to get detailed when asking about infrastructure, platforms, apps, and architecture!

4. Full-stack assistance

In addition to software and hardware expertise, your chosen Oracle Cloud service provider should also be comfortable helping you streamline your operations with a business process analysis, follow-up software or hardware upgrades, and employee training.

Additionally, an Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider can help with managed hosting and monitoring, exception management and reporting, and cybersecurity support.

5. Planning

An experienced Oracle Cloud service expert will have performed many, many implementations and migrations. Their expertise will help you shape reasonable timelines, costs, processes, and a roadmaptogether – and will also help them stick to agreed-upon expectations, so your project stays on track.

6. Proprietary solutions

With all those implementations and migrations we mentioned in the last point, an experienced Oracle Cloud provider will also have developed tools and processes to make their jobs easier and faster. The more proven tools your provider has, the better and faster it should be to migrate your cloud solutions.

7. History in the cloud

The cloud has been around long enough now that any good Oracle business consultant should be able to boast of an impressive list of cloud accomplishments. Their experience should span both the Oracle Cloud and multicloud cloud solutions, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Additionally, an experienced provider with a long history of working in the cloud will have developed close relationships within the Oracle corporate team – potentially granting your project preferential status.

Choosing the Right Partner Is as Important as Choosing the Right Technology

Looking for the right Oracle Cloud service provider for your enterprise? Choose carefully.

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