Oracle Cloud Implementation Partners – What to Look for and How to Pick One

When it comes to cloud business technology, the time to start planning for your future is now. Up until the present, business leaders have viewed cloud tech as “nice to have” or “a good move for global businesses on the go,” but that view is steadily changing as businesses across the spectrum are discovering the benefits and conveniences of the cloud. This trend is transforming the role of cloud computing in the business landscape, as cloud moves from a “nice to have” into a “must have” category for competitive companies.

But you already know this. You’ve been researching the cloud for a while now and you understand the many benefits that cloud transformation can bring – now you’re looking for an Oracle Cloud implementation partner who can bring your business up to the cloud seamlessly.

To achieve that goal, you’ll need to find the right Oracle Cloud implementation partner for your needs. Here’s what to look for.

  • CEI certification

    The Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer certification recognizes and differentiates highly qualified consulting firms with proven implementation expertise. It may be the #1 qualification you’re looking for when it comes to implementations.

  • Specialization certifications

    You probably have an idea of the specific solutions you’re looking for: IaaS, PaaS, Cloud Exadata, or a Cloud app, such as Cloud ERP. To help your search, Oracle grants specialization certifications to consultants that pass a series of tests and have proven knowledge in the area. You may also want to look at standout specialization awards, such as the Partner of the Year, in each category you’re interested in.

  • A history with the cloud

    Oracle awards some partner certifications based on cloud sales and expertise, and a good rule of thumb is to look for a partner with Cloud Select status or higher. In addition, ensure that your preferred consultant’s team has a wide range of in-house cloud capabilities and cloud consultants who have been with the company for years. This shows that the consultant isn’t simply outsourcing your implementation project to other companies that have more knowledge than they do. (Ouch.)

  • End-to-end cloud support

    Cloud implementations are only a single part of the entire cloud experience. A partner that offers end-to-end cloud support, with an understanding of everything from selection to pre-implementation, implementation, post-implementation, and beyond, will be able to support you along your entire cloud journey. Look for consultants that perform everything from Business Process Assessments to Cloud MSP services if you’re looking to find a well-rounded team.

  • A proven track record

    Ensure that the Oracle Cloud implementation partner you choose has led a variety of cloud implementations, including ones in your industry and cutting-edge projects. The cutting-edge projects are important because they demonstrate that your consultant knows how to double-down under pressure and can think creatively to solve surprising complications.

  • The personal touch

    Your Oracle Cloud implementation partner shouldn’t solely be there for your implementation, they should also be there throughout your selection process, post-implementation, and ongoing support. They’ll be working with you for years. Therefore, you’ll want to choose a partner who listens to your needs, truly understands what you’re saying, and can envision creative solutions that will help you meet your goals now and in the future. And, of course, it goes without saying that you’ll want to choose a partner who is patient, and who you enjoy working with.

Find the Right Oracle Cloud Implementation Partner for Your Needs

I know I’ve given you a lot to consider here, but as you’re planning your cloud transformation, there’s one final thing you should remember: your cloud journey doesn’t end after the implementation.

In the past, the implementation may have been the largest, most important part of the entire business tech process, but these days, it’s simply among the first steps in a continuous evolution for your company. Because of this, choosing the right implementation partner who can help guide and shape your evolution is key for your ongoing success.

Centroid may be the partner you’re looking for.

For more than 20 years, Centroid has focused on client needs and goals, and as our cutting-edge clients have made their migrations to the cloud, we’ve pushed ourselves to stay ahead of the industry as well.

Building our expertise seems like second nature to our team, and we’re proud to say that our focus on learning made us one of the inaugural Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementers (CEI), the 2018 Oracle Cloud IaaS Partner of the Year, one of the first partners to certify as an Oracle Cloud MSP, and the technicians behind the largest Oracle IaaS/PaaS implementation ever completed.


Contact Centroid to find out what it’s like to work with an experienced, highly certified, well-regarded Oracle Cloud consultant with a proven track record. Your business deserves the best.