Find Out Right Now If Oracle Cloud ERP Is Right for Your Enterprise

If you are confused or unsure about whether cloud apps are right for your company, you will be relieved to hear that there is a reason for that: the cloud is so very flexible that it can be confusing to navigate through all your options and all the possibilities! 

There is no need to worry though – it is easy to quickly get the answers you need about Oracle Cloud ERP or other Oracle Cloud applications. This article and its accompanying webinar about cloud computing solutions will help. 

Watch the on-demand webinar, “Clearing Cloud Confusion About Oracle Cloud ERP,” to get instant, accurate, and useful answers right now that address your enterprise needs. 


Important Considerations for Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Cloud Solutions

Globalization and the need for a flexible workforce in the modern era has driven many enterprise leaders to advance their timelines for cloud migrations and cloud application implementations. However, the vast number of available cloud solutions and ERPs can make the selection process difficult. 

Aside from variety, cloud decisions present many challenges, including: 

  • Cost considerations
    Are cloud apps more or less expensive over time than a perpetually licensed, on-premises ERP?
  • Flexibility and customization capabilities
    Will a cloud application deliver the level of customization and control that you are used to with your on-premises applications?
  • Visibility questions
    Will your enterprise’s cloud spend be straightforward and predictable, or will it be filled with constant surprises?
  • Integration concerns
    Can a cloud-based version of your on-premises application integrate cleanly with third-party add-ons and other on-premises investments your company has already made?
  • Support queries
    Will you be able to access the same support with cloud apps, such as Oracle Cloud ERP, as you do with your on-premises applications?

Perhaps you have already considered all these questions. Perhaps some of these are new to you. Fortunately, answers to all of these questions are provided in the “Clearing Cloud Confusion About Oracle Cloud ERP” webinar, which also covers critical cloud information that applies to other Oracle Cloud applications. 

What Information Is Included in the Complementary Webinar?

If you choose to watch the complementary, on-demand webinar from the Oracle Cloud experts at Centroid, you will walk away knowing the facts about:  

  • The answers to the cloud challenges listed above
  • Oracle licensing costs and availability
  • Pricing details for Oracle Cloud applications
  • Critical storage types in the cloud (block, archive, object, etc.) 
  • Cloud deployment scenarios (behind your firewall or on the public cloud)
  • Whether or not you will have to change your Oracle ERP to run it on the cloud
  • The flexible Cloud Admin tool that simplifies access for various environments and drives migration speeds
  • Important considerations to remember when looking at all your cloud options and potential configurations
  • Migration solutions that can increase your business transformation to lightning-fast speeds
  • What the migration process looks like for enterprise leaders
  • Detailed cost comparisons between running your Oracle Cloud ERP on AWS or Oracle Gen 2 Cloud 

Finally, you will also walk away with an understanding of the benefits of various cloud deployment methods: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS / Oracle Gen 2 Cloud), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). 

You will also have a clear idea of which type of cloud structure is best for your situation


Get the Facts You Need, Instantly. Watch the On-Demand Webinar.

If you are unsure about whether or not the cloud is the right choice for your enterprise, or if you have specific questions about your deployment options or cost comparisons, this on-demand webinar will answer your questions in less than 1 hour

Even if you have watched other webinars about transitioning to Oracle Cloud ERP for enterprise or other Oracle Cloud apps, it is a good idea to watch this brief webinar as well. Why? It is a matter of expertise. 

Unlike other webinars and educational cloud content, this webinar delves deeply into cloud comparisons, as well as deployment and migration details, that you simply will not get anywhere else

In fact, because this video is presented by the multicloud experts at Centroid, you will get in-depth information about AWS vs. Oracle, and you will learn the best approach to using a multicloud environment in terms of balancing your speed and performance needs with your costs. Other Oracle cloud service providers are unlikely to include this information in their webinars because few other Oracle partners are certified and experienced with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), in addition to Oracle

After watching the webinar, you will also know who to contact for personalized follow-up information that meets the precise requirements and objectives of your enterprise. 

There has never been a better fast and easy way to learn the details about Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle cloud-based solutions. 


Watch the on-demand webinar now.