Oracle Cloud Database vs On-Premises – Understanding the Differences

As a leader of a large enterprise, it’s your responsibility to make decisions. Whether you’re making tough calls, snap decisions, or innovative choices, you’re responsible for steering your company toward its future. And to do that confidently, you need data, available right at your fingertips at a moment’s notice. 

That means you need a powerful database. 

It’s a well-acknowledged fact that Oracle Databases are the best in the world, which means you’re probably deciding between an on-premises database from Oracle or an Oracle Cloud Database. 

This article should help you figure out the main differences between the two solutions, so you can make the right decision for your business. 

On-Premises Oracle Database

Since the ‘70s, Oracle has set itself apart in the tech world by creating the best database solutions, hands down. Oracle Databases are known for their seamless integration, high performance, and impressive capability. 

What is it? 

The on-premises Oracle Database follows the traditional database setup. Your company purchases high-performance servers with enough raw power to handle your peak loads, whether those peak loads happen once a day or once a year. 

Your databases are managed by a small army of Database Administrators (DBAs), and when you want to set up a new office or provision a new database, your DBAs must order new hardware and then take the time to configure it. Your internal IT team manages and optimizes all aspects of your database, including tuning, updates, upgrades, and patching. 

Who uses it?

Oracle Databases are recognized as the best in the world, which is why they’re typically used by large enterprises, industry leaders, and growth-focused organizations who need the leading tech solutions. However, many database users have transitioned away from on-premises databases in the past few years. 

Currently, the organizations that still utilize on-premises database solutions are companies facing sovereignty laws, strict industry regulations, highly specific corporate policies, or low network latency requirements. Some enterprises choose to maintain their on-premises databases because they’ve determined it would be impractical to move to a cloud database due to tight integration requirements with other of their on-premises solutions. 

What’s the top on-premises database?

Enterprises looking to set up a new on-premises database would be well advised to choose the world-class Oracle Exadata system, a tightly integrated, consolidated database platform that provides the comprehensive integration, high speeds, and flexibility that modern enterprises require. 

There’s a reason forward-looking enterprises use Exadata: it’s because it’s the world’s most advanced database platform. 

Oracle Cloud Database

According to a Gartner prediction from October 2018, 75% of all databases will be on a cloud platform by 2023 – and there’s a good reason why many companies are making the leap. 

What is it?

The Oracle Cloud Database offers the same benefits that Oracle customers have come to expect from their world-class Oracle databases, but its cloud deployment model helps the Oracle Cloud Database deliver better agility, faster business operational speed, lower risks, and lower costs, when compared to an on-premises database solution. 

One of the features that makes the Oracle Cloud Database unique is its ability to perform seamlessly in a multicloud environment, leveraging the strengths of AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, so your enterprises can enjoy true cloud freedom. 

Who uses it?

According to the Gartner study we mentioned a moment ago, it seems that most of your competitors will be using a cloud database within a few short years, so nearly every mid-sized to large enterprise has a use for an Oracle Cloud Database. However, as we discussed earlier, some industries are less likely to make the switch due to regulatory requirements. 

What’s the top Oracle Cloud Database? 

Oracle cloud databases come in two options: Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud, and Oracle DBaaS. 

  • Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud is the world’s first self-driving, self -securing, self-repairing database. Though your team maintains full control and responsibility for managing your database with Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud (much like a traditional solution), the autonomous database does a lot of the work for you by leveraging advanced machine learning systems to apply updates and patches, tune your database automatically, and simplify the provision process. In fact, with an autonomous cloud database from Oracle, provisioning a new database can be accomplished in minutes. 

Quick tip: Don’t confuse the autonomous database with an automated database, which usually excludes planned activities such as patching and maintenance.

  • Oracle DBaaS (“Database as a Service”) is a managed cloud database available as a fee-based subscription that can significantly lower your CapEx. Since the database is provided “as a service,” your enterprise can choose to have various database management and administration activities performed for you. The database is typically stored on your managed services provider’s infrastructure and is a good option for those companies wishing to outsource their database administration tasks. 

The Best of Both Worlds: On Premises + Oracle Cloud Database

Some enterprises, perhaps yours, require the convenience of the cloud but must maintain full control of their database with an on-premises solution. Enterprises with these needs are likely to choose the innovative Oracle Cloud at Customer service, which offers the ultimate in convenience, flexibility, and control. 

The Cloud at Customer solution deploys a cloud database behind the security of your own firewall in your own datacenter, which is the perfect option for many enterprises that were previously barred from the convenience and competitive advantages that cloud databases offer.

No matter which database option you choose, you’ll want to ensure a smooth transition – and that means you need to work with the right Oracle Partner

Get the Perfect Oracle Database Setup with Centroid

As one of the leading cloud experts in the Oracle ecosystem, and a highly lauded Oracle Platinum Partner, Centroid can help your enterprise get the most from your Oracle Database solution, whether you choose an Oracle on-premises database or an Oracle Cloud Database. 

Your database is too important to your business’s future to leave its implementation and planning to just any tech consultant; you deserve to work with one of the top Oracle consultants and cloud experts in the world. 

That consultant is Centroid. 


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