Now Available! Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure Integration

Big news! Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure have announced a cloud interoperability partnership. This benefits your enterprise because it simplifies your access to world-class enterprise tech products and reduces the effort it takes to migrate to, and fully leverage, the cloud.

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Combine the Best of Both Clouds: Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure

For years, enterprise leaders have been forced to make a choice between leading cloud solutions. Now, finally, businesses have the freedom to combine cloud services and tools their way.

What Are the Partnership Details?

On June 5, 2019, Microsoft and Oracle released a joint announcement stating that Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure solutions would now seamlessly work together to run mission-critical enterprise workloads across Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.

How Does This Impact Enterprise Customers?

Whether your enterprise has been relying on Oracle solutions, Microsoft solutions, or (more likely) a little bit of both, you now have access to true cloud interoperability for your critical enterprise technology services and solutions.

Some companies may use this to run their Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud [link to Blog 32] paired with Microsoft services like AI or Analytics for the ultimate in secure data management and insight. Other companies may choose to use this partnership to run part of their cloud in Azure and part in Oracle.

Because the Oracle and Microsoft interoperability partnership offers seamless, end-to-end support across both Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure, it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with your cloud solutions. Whatever you choose, you can now make that decision a reality.

Will This Affect Cloud Migration Options?

In some cases, the partnership between Microsoft and Oracle can remove previous obstacles to cloud migration. This is because the partnership also certifies Oracle’s packaged and custom apps to run on Azure, so joint customers will be empowered to migrate their existing set of applications to the cloud without having to re-architect anything.

If you’ve been waiting to move to the cloud, this may be the right time to start planning your cloud roadmap.

Learn More About Your New Cloud Options

If you run Microsoft or Oracle enterprise solutions, this news affects you. This interoperability partnership helps you combine your cloud services and solutions in new, innovative ways, so you can enhance your business agility and streamline your business productivity. Plus, since Oracle Cloud also works with AWS, you have even more options for leveraging the cloud!

In other words: As of right now, you suddenly have a lot more options for growing your business. It’s time to start exploring the possibilities.


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