OBIEE Limited Time Promotion

The Oracle BI Enterprise Edition turns information into intelligence and delivers it to the enterprise. Many organizations today use a broad range of different Business Intelligence tools and applications to collect information from a variety of sources, to analyze it and share with users. However, many of these tools are not designed for users across the enterprise that specialize in specific or varying ranges of job functions. As a result, many executives find that despite their continued investment in BI technology, they still do not have the relevant information they need to make decisions quickly and effectively.
The Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive and integrated suite of analytic tools designed to simplify and centralize these applications to the broadest audiences of users, allowing any user in an organization to have web-based, self-service access to up-to-the-moment, relevant and actionable intelligence.
OBIEE delivers the full range of BI capabilities including interactive dashboards, full ad hoc, proactive intelligence and alerts, enterprise and financial reporting, real-time predictive intelligence, disconnected analytics and more.
For example, Oracle’s ERP Analytics help front line managers improve cash flow, control expenses, manage headcount and employee performance, streamline spend and supply chain operations and track the financial performance of major projects. Oracle’s CRM Analytics provides fact-based insight into the entire sales process and into product demand, customer price sensitivity and overall pricing effectiveness. They enable firms to manage and track campaign performance, and to segment and retain the most valuable customers. Organizations can assess the effectiveness of loyalty promotions and partner relationships, track and analyze key service center metrics and generate a complete picture of contact center performance.
OBIEE offers a unified view of Enterprise Information; empowers business users and analysts with integrated insight and combines real time and historical intelligence with alerts to drive actions to improve business performance. It offers the fastest time-to-value when compared with other analytic tools in the market today and is widely used by the world’s leading companies in virtually every industry.
For a limited time, Centroid is offering mid-sized company’s aggressive discounts in procuring new and additional Oracle BI licensing for Oracle BI products. This offer will allow companies to get Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (including run-time database licenses) for 10 users for as little as $10,000.
Put the ease of multi-functional reporting all in one manageable location by contacting Centroid for this special offer and learn more about how OBIEE can work for your company’s specific needs.