5 Key Reasons You Need Oracle DBaaS

For years, enterprises have simply had to accept the cost of running and managing multiple ever-growing databases. However, now that organizations must run hundreds or thousands of applications (and all the varying databases under them), savvy leaders are saying, “Enough is enough!”

Some of these leaders are tired of the limited agility that results from overburdening IT resources with management of so many databases. Others are exhausted and frustrated by the lengthy, error-prone process that it takes to set up and support new initiatives. In response to rising salaries for IT and development staff, many leaders are wanting to redirect their existing resources into more strategic projects that drive the business forward instead of maintaining the status quo.

Oracle DBaaS (Database as a Service) is the secure, reliable, hassle-free cloud database management and provisioning platform for modern enterprises because it provides a logical alternative to the myriad of on-premises database challenges that plague today’s businesses.

If you’re ready to find out why your peers are choosing the power of an “as a Service” option for database management, you’ll appreciate this quick list of 5 key reasons you need Oracle DBaaS.

1. Oracle’s Cloud Database Management Platform Is Cost-Effective

In the past, Database as a Service was typically viewed only as a solution for cost-effective test and development environments. That’s because it simplified the setup and provisioning processes for developers needing to access multiple types of databases for multiple applications.

In recent years, Oracle DBaaS has built on these competencies to mature into a fully scalable solution that not only frees up your resources by reducing your software and equipment costs, but also makes it easy for anyone in the organization to self-provision a secure, reliable database that precisely follows your protocols.

2. Oracle DBaaS Streamlines Your Setup

Ask your Database Administrator (DBA) what their most time-consuming task is, and they’ll probably name the setup process. Many enterprise leaders choose DBaaS on the strength of reduced setup time alone because it frees up their DBAs to do so much more than simply perform repetitive tasks.

With Oracle DBaaS, your provider takes care of installation, hardware setup, configuration, provision of disks/SSDs, and network setups– and abstracts away the difficulties and pitfalls of this process for all users. Because of this, your DBAs can finally focus on the tasks that help your database run more effectively, so your company can complete critical tasks faster.

3. Modern Cloud Technology Is Efficient

Oracle Database as a Service doesn’t only streamline setup and provisioning, it also streamlines crucial database maintenance activities.

With DBaaS, you can outsource or automate all those slow, time-sensitive administrative database activities, which means your DBAs will not only be freed from database setup but will finally be able to focus on something more than backups, recovery, tuning, optimization, patching, and upgrading.

Since data is the lifeblood of your business, and since your databases are the key to that reservoir of critical data, it’s well worth it to reallocate your database administrators’ time toward strategic database initiatives.

4. You’ll Enjoy More Flexibility with Cloud Database Management

One of the many reasons why enterprise leaders choose Oracle as their DBaaS provider is because Oracle offers a wide range of deployment and delivery options.

Oracle’s public cloud is one of the most secure clouds in the world, but for companies that wish to keep their cloud data management platform in-house, Oracle also offers private and hybrid cloud solutions. Whichever deployment option you choose, you’ll have a range of implementation choices that deliver true database management flexibility.

5. Your DBaaS Can Be Fully Supported by the Team You Trust

For existing Centroid clients, one of the biggest advantages to Oracle DBaaS is that they can outsource all their database management activities to a trusted team that works day and night to ensure that their data stays secureand running smoothly.

In fact, one of Centroid’s clients, Canon Medical Systems, says that “Centroid has some of the best DBAs in the country.”  (Thank you, Canon Medical!)

Choose Centroid, the Oracle DBaaS Experts

For more than 20 years, the Oracle experts at Centroid have been seamlessly supporting clients’ varied and intricate Oracle solutions, helping clients get more done with better efficiency. Centroid has also been recognized by Oracle as one of the leaders in working with the full stack of Oracle Cloud services, including Oracle IaaS / Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle PaaS, and Oracle DBaaS.


Find out more about Oracle DBaaS and learn how Centroid can help you say, “Enough is enough!” by eradicating your on-premises database management hassles.