Is Your Oracle ERP Doing Everything It Can for Your Business?

With the rise of Oracle ERP Cloud, many enterprises have begun to plan their transition away from on-premises ERP, due to the many benefits that cloud ERP offers.

Careful leaders will make sure to research the capabilities of cloud ERP vs. their current on-premises ERP (this guide will help), but experts agree that cloud ERP is definitely the future for manufacturers and distributors. That means it’s important for your company to set a plan in place that will empower you to take full advantage of the cloud as soon as possible.

Why are companies like yours choosing Oracle ERP Cloud? Here are 7 things cloud ERP can do for your business that simply can’t be matched by on-premises ERP.

1. Integration

On-premises systems require costly customization every time you want to implement changes specific to your business needs. Fortunately, enterprises using modern cloud ERP can circumvent many customization costs by taking advantage of the wide range of API-connected integrations that cloud ERP offers. Want a sample of what’s out there? Check out the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

2. Latest Versions

If you’ve been running an on-premises ERP all this time, you’re probably tired of the annual upgrade process. With cloud ERP, you won’t have to worry about those costly and time-consuming upgrades ever again because using the cloud means you’re always using the latest and greatest version of the software you’ve licensed. With that worry off your back, you can focus on what matters: innovation.

3. Effortless IT Management

The beauty of SaaS (Software as a Service, AKA “cloud apps”) is that someone else takes care of your IT maintenance tasks for you. With Oracle ERP Cloud, you won’t have to pay your in-house IT staff to handle patching, management, or updates – and you won’t have to make expensive CapEx investments for hardware or perpetual software licenses. That’s a relief.

4. Increased Security

Another benefit of having someone else take care of your IT maintenance for you is that you can ensure your cloud ERP is always patched securely against the latest threats, with no additional effort or planning on your part. If you need help securing your systems, networks, or cloud platforms, consider working with one of the world’s first certified Oracle Cloud MSPs: Centroid.

5. Cutting-Edge Technology

While Oracle has made it clear that they will never require their customers to migrate to the cloud, they’ve also created a lot of incentives and benefits for those customers who are interested in making the leap. The biggest of those incentives is the ability to take advantage of the latest tech on the market, including AI, digital assistants, machine learning, augmented reality (AR), blockchain, and IoT integration. New Oracle ERP Cloud updates regularly introduce capabilities that support these emerging advancements – whereas on-premises ERP does not.

6. Real-Time Insight

The cloud world has been playing up the real-time factor of cloud connectedness for years… and for good reason. On-premises ERP can be modified to include near real-time updates from various locations synced to most platforms and devices, but the increased convenience of truly instantaneous, 100% real-time data on any platform, on any device, anywhere is proving to be a game changer in the manufacturing and distribution industries.

7. Increased Productivity

You use Oracle solutions because of their clean, comprehensive integration and predictable reliability – and the Oracle Cloud is no different. Oracle ERP Cloud seamlessly integrates with other Oracle Cloud services, such as Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud, the world’s only self-driving, self-securing, self-repairing database. As of June 2019, the Oracle Cloud also now fully integrates with Microsoft Azure! This means Oracle ERP Cloud is now more flexible than ever before (read the press release), helping your employees get more done, faster.

Get the Most Out of Your Oracle ERP with Centroid

For more than 20 years, Centroid has been helping some of the world’s most well-known manufacturers and distributors expand their businesses with Oracle ERP and the full stack of Oracle’s market-leading technology.

Our diverse and highly experienced global team includes some of the top manufacturing and distribution industry experts, who help companies such as Toshiba,, and Amway do more with their Oracle solutions, and we helped Subaru succeed with the largest Oracle IaaS/ PaaS implementation to date.

If you’re curious what your company can achieve with Oracle ERP Cloud, or you’re interested in creating your specific roadmap to cloud ERP, please join us at the upcoming Cloud Workshop Day on August 21, 2019, at the Dallas Cowboys’ world-class headquarters.


Learn more about Cloud Workshop Day here or, if you are unable to attend, please contact us to schedule your personalized cloud planning appointment.