IoT, AI, and Oracle – The Biggest Innovations in Technology and Oracle

The future is coming and Oracle is prepared to meet it head-on. If your company has been considering implementing the latest technologies including IoT and AI, Oracle solutions have got you covered. Here’s your introduction to Oracle’s forward-looking approach.

IoT and Oracle

For the past few years, news has been growing about the possibilities and successes of IoT technology, especially in manufacturing and the supply chain. But what is IoT exactly and can Oracle support it?

  • IoT in a nutshell

    In essence, IoT or “the Internet of Things” is a system in which internet-connected sensors are placed wherever you need them – in shipments, on goods, on raw materials, on machines, and even as wearables on your employees – so that you can accurately and effectively measure, well, whatever you want to measure.


Learn More About IoT, AI, and Oracle

Popular measurements include temperature, movements, locations, and pressure, but IoT devices, which are small and unobtrusive, can automatically measure nearly anything in the physical world and transmit all the collected data back to you, so you can optimize your productivity.

Sounds pretty good, right? If you’re wondering why IoT is still only getting started, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that current barriers to IoT adoption include integration and data usage.

Oracle’s Stance on IoT

Luckily, with Oracle technologies such as Oracle Cloud IaaS and Oracle Cloud PaaS, you’ll have a robust, future-focused platform that offers IoT integration and highly scalable data storage with full elasticity available.

In other words, Oracle supports IoT by overcoming adoption challenges.

AI and Oracle

Okay, so integration is covered with Oracle solutions, as well as data storage, but what about data usage? IoT devices generate a steady stream of data around the clock, so companies without a reliable data analysis and filtration method will soon find themselves drowning in their data lakes.

In order to swim through your data and get useful information quickly, you need a highly effective, easy-to-use AI solution that doesn’t require a team of data scientists to operate. Oracle has that available for you too, offering leading-edge data analytics tools, chatbots, and autonomous systems that rely on rapid machine learning to handle themselves — and your data — with ease.

Simply put, with Oracle AI solutions, you’ll find it easy to get the information you need, without having to jump through hoops to get it.

The Key to Success with IoT, AI, and Oracle

IoT and AI are the future and Oracle’s IoT and AI solutions are definitely on the bleeding edge due to Oracle’s continuously hefty investments in R&D for emerging technologies.

However, in order to extract the maximum value from your IoT and AI Oracle implementation, you need to ensure that you’re working with the right implementation partner.

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