Improve Your Database Management with 3 Options for Oracle Database Support

Your enterprise deserves the best, which is why you’ve been relying on the world-class Oracle Database for years. However, with the rise of cloud computing, your business has come to a crossroads. Very soon, you must make an important decision.

Is it a smarter business move to stick with your on-premises Oracle Database, or would it be better to migrate your data to the cloud?

A qualified Oracle partner can help you make the right decision for your needs and can support your Oracle Database, no matter what you decide to do… but what is the right decision?

Let’s talk about realistic options for database support.

Option 1: Migrate Your Exadata Workloads to Oracle Cloud

If you’re one of the many enterprise leaders who is currently wondering about the best approach for managing your aging Exadata setup, you’ll be pleased to know that your high-performance tools grant you a range of possibilities.

You can:

  • Optimize your Exadata performance to get more from your investment
  • Upgrade your Exadata solution
  • Migrate your data to the cloud or onto a cloud behind your firewall

Learn the details about the various paths you can take in this clear, on-demand webinar presented by the Oracle Database experts at Centroid.

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Option 2: Ensure Ongoing Support for Your On-Premises Oracle Database

If you’ve reached, or are about to reach “sustaining support” status on your database, you don’t have many options for support directly from Oracle anymore. You know you need to secure your data, but perhaps you’re not ready to migrate or upgrade yet. In this case, you can get trusted, knowledgeable support from an Oracle Database expert: Centroid.

Centroid provides comprehensive database support for enterprises anywhere along the database continuum, from selection and implementation to maintenance and long-term support.

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Option 3: Choose Automated Support with Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud

Not sure you want to manage an ever-growing team of database administrators (DBAs) to take care of your ever-growing cache of data? Considering how large data lakes are getting in our age of big data powered by IoT devices, it’s a smart business move to try to limit your data management costs.

Instead of hiring more DBAs to perform routine maintenance on your database, such as patching, optimizing, and monitoring (not to mention time-consuming provisioning), you can leave those dull tasks to a highly intelligent machine. This frees your DBAs to do more strategic work for your company, which can help you speed ahead of your competitors.

The cutting-edge Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud offers:

  • Self-driving, self-securing, self-repairing operations, which eliminate routine, manual database management
  • Machine learning and AI-based optimization and security tools that help you get the most from your system
  • Easy, on-demand provisioning for authorized team members around the globe

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Get the Right Oracle Database Support for Your Needs

Whether you’re looking to get the most out of your Exadata investment, maintain high levels of support for an aging on-premises system, or update your database operations to the latest in cost-saving, highly secure, AI-powered capability, an Oracle partner can help you get where you want to be.

That means your task is to find the right Oracle partner.

Since 1997, Centroid has been helping businesses across a wide range of industries select, implement, secure, optimize, and support their Oracle Database solutions. The Centroid team offers full-stack Oracle expertise for seamless database performance on cloud or on-premises, so you can trust that the Oracle Database support option you choose will provide you with the strength to support your operations now – and in the years and decades to come.


The next step for your database support plan is to find an experienced, knowledgeable, Oracle Database expert with the skills to help your company. Check out this resource for advice on how to find the perfect Oracle partner.