Hybrid Multicloud – An Overview

Are you considering leveraging a few cloud solutions for your enterprise, but aren’t sure if you want to store 100% of your data on the cloud? Welcome to your solution: the hybrid multicloud.

Here at Centroid, we’ve spent years making sure to simplify the cloud for our clients, and we’ll be your guides to introduce you to this fascinating concept.

What Is Hybrid Multicloud?

If hybrid cloud is when you run your workloads partly on the cloud and partly on-premises, and multicloud is when you use two or more clouds to run your workloads… then hybrid multicloud is when you run your workloads partly on-premises and partly on two or more clouds.

While this approach can be complex to set up and manage, it does offer a wide range of benefits.

Why Choose Hybrid Multicloud?

A few years ago, most of the cloud industry pundits were predicting that every enterprise would soon move every workload to the cloud. These days, the prevailing opinion has changed.

Now, pundits and enterprise leaders alike are realizing that archival data and data with low-latency requirements is often a better fit for on-premises environments (although new networks with low latency and extreme performance are available for Oracle Bare Metal cloud environments). Another great use for on-premises environments is to continue integration with custom, mission-critical business tools that only run in an on-premises setup.

Of course, enterprises that face strict compliance mandates also have an ongoing need for on-premises environments.

But what of the multicloud? Predictably, just as monolithic legacy environments hampered flexibility and agility in the past, monolithic cloud environments often restrict agility and flexibility for modern businesses.

The same truism we all found with legacy tools holds true in the cloud too: It can be better to rely on a collection of best-of-breed solutions to run your enterprise seamlessly, as opposed to falling prey to vendor lock-in. If your enterprise is running a collection of best-of-breed cloud tools, that is known as the multicloud.

Therefore, as the industry and forward-looking enterprise leaders have realized, combining hybrid cloud and multicloud into one seamless hybrid multicloud creates the most flexible and agile solution for modern businesses.

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What Are the Drawbacks to Hybrid Multicloud?

To many enterprise leaders, hybrid multicloud sounds like it is truly the best of all possible worlds… so why aren’t more enterprises relying on it already?

For starters, hybrid multicloud requires a complex setup. As you know already, integrating multiple business tech solutions together can be a time-consuming and delicate process. When you start combining multiple cloud solutions with on-premises solutions and their existing integrations, the necessary hybrid multicloud architecture setup can be dicey.

However, this is only a drawback if you are working with an inexperienced or otherwise unsuited tech consultant. When you work with a knowledgeable Oracle consultant that partners with all the major cloud providers (AWS, Oracle, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform) and is an expert in multicloud management, you can trust that your complex system will be architected properly.

Another issue is cost. Placing a complex system on the cloud and then having to manage your cloud spend can be difficult without an appropriate multicloud management platform in place. Knowledgeable multicloud consultants can help you identify and use the top multicloud management tools on the market for reducing cloud spend and simplifying cloud management.

In other words, the right consultant will get you all of the benefits of hybrid multicloud, with none of the drawbacks.

Get Help Determining Your Enterprise’s Best Cloud Choice

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When considering complex setups like hybrid multicloud, your enterprise stands to earn impressive benefits by making the leap… but only if you choose the right team of consultants to get you where you want to be.

Luckily, when choosing your hybrid multicloud replatforming, migration, and support team, you can choose the best there is.

Since 1997, Centroid has helped enterprises across a wide range of industries optimize and streamline business operations by leveraging the full stack of Oracle solutions. As cloud pioneers, we were the driving team behind the largest Oracle Iaas/PaaS migration in history, and we were also one of the first Cloud MSPs on the planet.


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