How to Tailor-Fit Your Oracle Cloud ERP to Make It Yours

Ready to join the more than 73% of organizations that already have at least one application in the cloud? Ready to supercharge your business with the flexibility, power, and agility of Oracle Cloud ERP? 

Hold up! 

Before you dive into the cloud ERP from Oracle, check out these 3 critical steps you need to follow to make sure that your cloud-based Oracle ERP meets your needs exactly. 

1. Choose the Right Setup 

There’s a difference between Oracle Cloud ERP and on-premises ERP. If you’ve been using on-premises solutions for years, you may be surprised to learn how these two solutions compare to one another. 

In general, the cloud version of Oracle ERP offers tight integration with the wide range of Oracle SaaS apps, such as HCM, SCM, and EPM, but the cloud version of the ERP is surprisingly behind on manufacturing features. This may or may not matter to your business, but truly understanding what you’re getting with Oracle Cloud ERP is the first key step to making sure you have the right ERP, 100% personalized to your exact needs.  

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2. Choose the Right Partner

Migrating to the cloud isn’t a simple process. It requires carefully mapping and relocating all your critical ERP operations to an entirely different platform. You definitely want an expert to keep your data safe at every stage of the process, preferably one with extensive experience handling ERP cloud migrations, so they can overcome any obstacles and keep you on time and on budget. 

To ensure you choose the right expert who can help you get the right Oracle ERP for your needs, make sure you select a consultant that deeply understands both cloud-based Oracle ERP and on-premises ERP. 

Once you’ve found an expert, make sure that expert listens to you and works with you to create a tailored cloud roadmap that takes your needs into priority. It’s a good idea to look for a highly certified Oracle expert, known as an Oracle Platinum Partner, to help with this.

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Choose the Right Customization

Your Oracle ERP Cloud solution will offer new integration options with Oracle SaaS apps, as well as flexible API integration with many other cloud-based solutions. This means that customizing your Oracle Cloud ERP will be a very different process than customizing your Oracle on-premises ERP

The upside of this is that you can save quite a bit of time and effort by integrating “off-the-shelf” solutions, available for your ERP from the Oracle Marketplace. The downside is that understanding what’s available for your new cloud setup can be a daunting task. You’ll want an expert to guide you through your new options. 

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Choose Centroid

Your Oracle Cloud ERP migration is too important to delegate to an inexperienced team. Ensure that your migration is well planned and well executed, and that it stays on time and on budget, when you work with one of the leading Oracle Cloud ERP experts: Centroid. 

Since 1997, the Centroid team has delivered Oracle expertise to businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries, and we’re regarded by Oracle as one of the top cloud experts in North America. Our extensive experience includes pioneering the largest Oracle Iaas/Paas implementation to date, certifying as one of the first Oracle Cloud MSPs in the world, and developing one of the fastest cloud migration tools, which reduces workload migration times from months to hours

In addition, Centroid has worked hard to become a cloud expert that’s certified across a wide range of clouds, including AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure, which means we can help you build the exact cloud-based Oracle ERP solution you want, hassle-free. 


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