How an Oracle Implementation Partner Creates Your Roadmap to the Cloud – Step by Step

Many years ago, I read a great white paper all about migrating businesses to the cloud. I appreciated the writer’s clear explanation of the processes and procedures that help ensure successful cloud migrations, but what stuck with me was the reasoning behind building a clear, actionable cloud roadmap. As I remember, it said that though many businesses have already dabbled in the cloud, no business ever dabbled its way to success.

In short, any successful business venture takes planning and preparation, and if your business is planning a move to the cloud, you can better ensure success through careful, methodical planning.

Whether you’ve started your cloud transformation already or you’re simply considering it as a possibility in the future, this short blog series will help you make a plan by following the 6 steps that certified Oracle implementation partners use.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Set Your End Goal

Like any journey, your cloud journey will require you to determine a destination first, before you can start planning your best route.

After all, if you set out in your car from Michigan and then, when you’re in Kansas, you suddenly realize that you actually wanted to vacation in Spain… well, I think we can assume that you’re likely to run into travel issues and delays, as well as increased costs.

However, if you know you want to go to Spain to begin with, you’ll buy a plane ticket, so you can easily get to where you want to be.

When you work with an Oracle implementation consultant that has deep cloud expertise, you can bet that the first question they’ll ask you is where you see your business in a few years, so they can start helping you strategize the easiest way to get to where you want to go.

Take action: Many businesses already know where they want to be in a few years, but make sure you have a clear vision of your future before you start planning your cloud roadmap. 

Step 2: Consider Your “Travel” Options

Continuing our earlier metaphor, your next step after deciding to vacation in Spain will be to find the best way to get there. Though you may start by comparing costs, it’s likely you’ll quickly decide you don’t want to be stuck on cramped budget planes for 22 hours with no leg room and no checked luggage. You may want to book First Class using your credit card miles instead, or you may want to choose an entirely different option, such as a cruise or a round-the-world trip. Your options are nearly endless, you just have to decide on your preferences.

Business leaders also have nearly unlimited options for their journey to the cloud.

Today’s cloud options include:

An experienced Oracle implementation partner specializing in cloud migration will carefully weigh all the many ways that your company can get to the cloud, determine the top options for your needs, and help you decide your best route. You can even plan refreshing breaks along your cloud journey by adding cloud functionality to your business in phases.

Take action: The best way to start planning your options is to start building your knowledge base. Spend some time carefully researching and defining the cloud options mentioned above and determining benefits and drawbacks for each. Since the tech world changes quickly and you’ll need high levels of expertise to complete this step, you may want to save time by working with a cloud-focused Oracle implementation partner. 

Keep planning when you read the next article all about building your roadmap to the cloud. Or, you can start your journey to the cloud today by contacting an expert Oracle implementation partner focused on the cloud.

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