Doing More with Less – How Oracle Can Transform “Business as Usual”

In your business, you want more. More success, more customers, more profits, more revenues, more options, more everything. However, what you don’t want are more costs, more overhead, or more hassles.

In most businesses, more good things often balance themselves out with some negative things, such as increased overhead, but your business doesn’t have to expect any drawbacks to getting more.

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That’s right, with an Oracle business you’ll have the power to break the mold and transform “business as usual” by getting more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

Here are some examples.

Less IT Costs, More Flexibility

If you’re looking to reduce your IT footprint and reduce your energy costs, hardware costs, server room space costs, and more, you may want to consider becoming an Oracle business.

XaaS environments, including Oracle Cloud SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, are flexible to use, scalable to meet your evolving needs, and a definite cost saver. By using cloud-based hardware and software, you can ensure you always have the environment and storage you want, while lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO) significantly.

Less IT Management Hassles, More Security

Oracle helps move businesses flexibly to the cloud. With Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), you can run both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads easily – and you can also switch between various deployment options for your various workloads. Public cloud, private cloud, and even a public cloud housed behind your firewall are all options.

What this means is that when you have an Oracle business on the cloud, you can run your IT exactly the way you want and you’ll know that any framework supported by Oracle will have rock-solid security.

Now, just to clarify, that doesn’t mean Oracle will or can provide your IT or cybersecurity team with full security for your data and applications. With the Oracle Cloud, you will still be responsible for your own security, just as you would be for Azure or AWS. Luckily, you can get a certified Oracle Cloud MSP to help with the security details, so you can lower your in-house costs.

Less Integration Issues, More Options, and Support

If you haven’t been running an Oracle business thus far, you’ve probably struggled with integration issues. As you know, these can be surprisingly costly because replacing or connecting the ISV tools you need to your ERP and add-ons can require a lot of expensive custom programming when there isn’t an established integration link.

With an Oracle business on the cloud, you’ll have cleaner, simpler, and far more cost-effective integration options from one of the largest ecosystems in the ERP world. In fact, the ISV tools you already know and love may very well be available on the Oracle ecosystem already!

Improved integration isn’t limited to ISVs either – Oracle on-premise systems are also highly integrated tools that seamlessly connect your servers, storage, networking, systems, and database into a single solution that reduces complexity and works the way it should. In an Oracle business, integration simply works.

Get More, Do More with Your Oracle Business

One of the main reasons that companies switch to being Oracle businesses is because they’ve grown tired of IT management hassles, including server updates, endless hardware and software patching, and exhausting break/fix responses. They’ve also grown tired of the cost increases and lack of agility that typical IT systems result in over time.

With an Oracle business on the cloud that’s managed by an Oracle Cloud MSP, you can reduce all your IT management tasks easily while maintaining full security and ensuring full flexibility and agility.

However, if you’re looking to get more from your IT systems, you’ll need to work with an Oracle partner who knows more.

Since 1997, Centroid has been helping clients succeed with their Oracle system implementations and long-term management, and Centroid is known as a leader in the Oracle Cloud space. In addition, our diverse team of experts support the full technology stack of Oracle solutions and Centroid was also one of the first partners to certify as an Oracle Cloud MSP. (That’s because we’d already been helping our customers run and maintain their Oracle solutions for years.)

If you’re ready to learn how you can transform your business from “business as usual” to a company that gets more of what you want, learn how Centroid can help.