How to Ensure Successful Oracle Cloud Migrations


According to recent surveys, 70% of IT decision-makers believe that cloud computing can help them become more agile, because the cloud provides the power and elasticity modern businesses need to stay ahead. However, there are various forms of cloud migrations, including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Companies looking for the fastest, easiest cloud migrations that provide a maximum of benefits often choose IaaS (infrastructure based) cloud migrations, which move their existing workloads, applications, and data onto a cost-saving infrastructure with little to no business disruption.

IaaS migrations help enterprises run more efficiently while opening up new opportunities for in-depth analytics engines, new development, M&A ease, and expanded AI functionality. But to get these benefits, companies need to plan their Oracle cloud migration right.

To streamline your Oracle cloud migration and ensure success, check with your Oracle consultant about these top critical areas.


By this point in your research you’ve already discovered that Oracle IaaS offers speeds that top AWS (Amazon Web Services) by 1,214%, but fast software is only helpful if you can take advantage of its benefits quickly as well. If you’ve engaged in a software migration in the past, you probably expect that the process will take months of effort and business disruption – but with the right Oracle cloud migration consultant, you can actually start using your new infrastructure within mere days.

As you search for the right Oracle consultant for your IaaS migration, ensure that the partner you choose can clearly answer questions such as:

  • How long will the entire process take?
  • How soon can I start using my new system?
  • How much business disruption should I expect in each department?

At Centroid, we provide clients with a detailed roadmap up front, outlining exact steps, costs, and expected ROI, but we also go a step further: we can also determine your comparative TCO for Oracle cloud migration vs. migrations to other systems and cloud options.


For successful Oracle cloud migrations, your company needs to consider more than speed and cost, you also must carefully determine the potential impact your new infrastructure will have on your compliance requirements.

Oracle cloud IaaS solutions maintain your existing infrastructure in 100% tailored environments that meet your needs, which means you’ll have the freedom to keep the existing options and settings of your security procedures to match your new cloud choice.

As you’ve already learned, Oracle’s bare metal and virtual environments offer superior, integrated security features, especially when paired with Oracle software solutions. However, transferring from an on-premises security perimeter model to a public or dedicated cloud server may require additional considerations for “identity-based” security and 24/7 monitoring.

You don’t have to over-complicate your cloud migration by finding third-party MSPs and alternate security perimeter solutions, as long as you ask your Oracle cloud consultant:

  • Are you Oracle certified?
  • Do you offer monitoring and security services post migration?
  • How will my data be protected during the migration process?
  • What industries and compliance regulations do you have proven experience with?

Centroid is among one of the very few Oracle consultants fully certified by Oracle to provide compliant, comprehensive Managed Services for Oracle cloud environments and our deep knowledge and experience with Oracle cloud migrations means we’re uniquely qualified to protect your data during all stages of your IaaS migration.

Ensure That Your Oracle Cloud Migration Is a Success

When you choose the right Oracle cloud migration partner, you’ll be positioning your company for a successful migration project.

Centroid’s 20 years of experience and deep industry knowledge can help you reduce your implementation time by 40% with proven cloud migration methodologies, and can ensure that your data stays secure and fully compliant at every stage of your migration process.


Your business is too important to leave your migration to chance, contact Centroid to learn more about lightning-fast, successful migrations with Lift & Shift.