How to Ensure Oracle Cloud Security for Your System

As the cloud becomes increasingly flexible and affordable, companies are naturally placing more data in the cloud – and a lot of this data is sensitive stuff. From intellectual property to customer data and beyond, everything your organization stores on the cloud could become a potential target for hackers.

However, if you’re using the cloud to its full potential, that also means you have large numbers of employees accessing data from around the globe, at all hours, and on a wide range of devices. Each of these access points has the potential to cause a leak in your overall Oracle cloud security, so the key to success is to build a strong, resistant wall that’s hard to overcome.

It’s time to focus on managing risk and security in the cloud.

How to Secure Your Cloud Data

Of course, the most obvious option for securing your data from internet-based risks is to avoid placing it on the cloud entirely, but modern companies in today’s fast-paced business landscape don’t have the luxury to waste time printing, filing, finding, storing, and shipping data files across the planet. Realistic organizations understand that the flexibility that comes with cloud computing isn’t actually a competitive differentiator anymore, it’s required table stakes for conducting business on a large scale.

Since the cloud is a necessity, many companies are making cloud security a top business imperative.

A Primer on Safety in the Cloud

If you’re reading this, there’s a high probability that you have a lot of company data in the cloud already. Most companies do. As statistics show, 70% of companies are already running at least one app on the cloud, and an additional 14% of companies plan to use cloud apps by 2019. These numbers are probably higher in reality, once you take shadow IT into account.

Since you already have all that data in the cloud, you may be a bit nervous right now about the security of your data.

Let me reassure you: The cloud is extremely safe. In many cases, the cloud is even safer than on-premises data. 

All reputable cloud data centers, such as Oracle Public Cloud datacenters, include failover protections that keep your business data’s servers accessible with 99%+ uptime guarantees, and the physical servers themselves are typically manned with 24/7 security guards.

After 20 years of running our tech consulting business here at Centroid, I bet I could count on one hand the number of clients we’ve had that can boast on-premises security that beats what comes standard in the cloud.

Of course, I don’t know your security practices, but I can state with confidence that the cloud is probably far safer than your current setup.

But there is one notable security flaw you’ve probably overlooked: your employees…

Learn the real risk that your employees pose to your Oracle Cloud security, and figure out how you can overcome that risk easily, when you read the next article in this series by Centroid.


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