How to Ensure Better Data Security in the Cloud with Oracle Cloud Security Tools

Failure to secure your data can cost millions, but only if your data is breached or hacked. One of the best ways to protect that data and limit your risk is to improve your password practices.

There are a few ways to increase your password security companywide. The first method, long considered a best practice, has recently been proven inefficient and ineffective. I’m talking about that old-fashioned practice of creating inflexible password policies that require employees to use complex passwords that they change every few months.

In fact, Microsoft has found that draconian password policies not only lead to less secure passwords and worse password habits across the enterprise (such as passwords written on sticky notes and stuck to computers!), this practice also leads to a sharp decline in productivity and revenues because employees waste a lot of time hunting for their login credentials or resetting passwords.

The better method, and one that is swiftly being adopted worldwide by today’s leading global companies is what’s known as “Multi-Factor Authentication,” or MFA for short.

What Is Multi-Factor Authentication? 

I’ve discussed multi-factor authentication previously on this blog because it’s so important to your overall Oracle Cloud security practices. It’s not a hard concept to understand – it simply means that logins to your system require 2 or more identification methods, such as PINs, biometrics, or badge swipes, to ensure that the person using the credentials is an authorized user for your system. In essence, MFA requires successful login attempts to use secure credentials that are followed up with a secondary or tertiary identification method as well.

As I said, it’s not a hard concept to understand… but it can be hard to implement in an anywhere / anytime, cloud-driven environment. Plus, though multi-factor authentication is very secure, a haphazard setup can slow down your workers’ productivity to a crawl. Bad MFA implementations may even block access to critical cloud data for some users.

Luckily, however, there’s now an easy, fast, and extremely effective method that Oracle Cloud-run companies can use to secure their cloud data with multi-factor authentication. It’s called Centroid Approve, and it may just be the solution you’ve been searching for.

What Is Centroid Approve? 

Centroid Approve is a cloud-based multi-factor authentication tool (or multicloud key management) that enhances your security for on-the-go employees by requiring additional flexible authentication methods that keep your data safe. Companies most often use Centroid Approve as a mobile app that requires employees or other authorized users to confirm their identity with a swipe on their mobile phone, but the system works with a wide range of authentication methods to ensure data safety.

The fully customizable and user-friendly Centroid Approve solution offers many benefits to companies, including:

  • Rock-solid identification and authorization procedures
  • Seamless, convenient, lightning-fast authentication tools
  • Full compliance with FFIEC, PCI-DSS, PSD2, and more
  • Secure offline access options

Best of all, Centroid Approve comes with a simple, turnkey setup or SDK options, so companies can implement the program exactly how they want to.


Contact Centroid to discover how easy it can be to set up Oracle Cloud security that helps keep your company protected.