Growing Beyond Oracle SaaS

Oracle SaaS solutions, the popular cloud-based business apps from Oracle, have been great options for companies wanting to free up their IT teams while taking advantage of cutting-edge software features – all with low, subscription pricing.

These benefits are the driving force behind widespread SaaS adoption in the past few years, but now that nearly every enterprise runs at least one portion of their business in the cloud, forward-looking companies are finding that there’s one drawback to SaaS.

SaaS solutions aren’t truly customizable.

Or, rather, they weren’t customizable until now.

These days, many enterprises are choosing to grow beyond SaaS with new, innovative cloud tools and technologies that meet modern enterprise needs.

When SaaS Expansion with the Oracle Cloud Marketplace Isn’t Enough…

Organizations that feel boxed in by the “one size fits all” model of SaaS solutions often start their “customization” processes by linking additional cloud-based apps to their base SaaS tools. These extensions can be found in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Because there are thousands of cloud app extensions in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, it’s a great place to look for added flexibility in your Oracle SaaS solutions.

These capabilities are just the tip of the iceberg in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

But add-ons and extensions don’t tend to be customizable either, so if your business has complex workflows and highly specific needs, the Marketplace apps often won’t fully solve the problem.

That’s why savvy organizations are moving beyond SaaS and SaaS extensions, and implementing Oracle PaaS.

Oracle PaaS Extends Oracle SaaS with Ease

Oracle PaaS (Platform as a Service) extends the capabilities of Oracle SaaS, multi-cloud, and on-premises solutions using a comprehensive, standards-based, integrated combination of Oracle and open source technologies. With Oracle PaaS, your enterprise will finally have the power you need to build, deploy, migrate, and manage a variety of application workloads.

In many cases, customizing an Oracle SaaS app with Oracle PaaS can be as easy as point and click, enabling non-technical users to customize your SaaS solutions simply and securely, without impacting the underlying program code.

  • Does your HR team want a solution for an “employee of the month” program, but isn’t finding a good match on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace? Your enterprise can create the perfect solution for your needs and seamlessly clip it on to your Oracle HCM Cloud solution.

We won’t belabor the point here by stating additional examples of how much PaaS can do. Let’s just leave the rest to your imagination. With PaaS, any of your departments can create a customization for their cloud apps. Easily, quickly, and securely.

And because PaaS provides the customization capabilities complex enterprises need without requiring changes to the base SaaS app code, Oracle PaaS users can have their cake and eat it too. That means you can customize your solutions to meet your precise needs… and you can still keep up with all the latest SaaS upgrades worry-free.

Oracle PaaS: Not Just for SaaS App Extensions

Oracle PaaS does a lot more than extend Oracle cloud apps. It also provides real-time disaster recovery, a single pane of glass for all your analytics activities, and speedier development timelines for your global DevOps teams. And that’s only the beginning


Learn more about how you can go beyond Oracle SaaS with Oracle PaaS and other cloud-based solutions.