Google Cloud Service Provider – What, Why, and How?

Google is increasing focus on Google Cloud Platform and the multicloud, and they’ve recently grown their internal team with enterprise all-stars drawn from the ranks of Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP. This recent advance, paired with Google’s unmatched machine learning and analytics capabilities, makes them a great infrastructure choice for enterprises wanting to host mission-critical Oracle workloads on the cloud.

If you’re considering migrating Oracle workloads to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), you should know that Google features a unique Oracle integration setup, in which your workloads are co-located onto a fully managed hosting environment run by a certified GCP partner.

This setup makes it extremely important that you choose the right Google cloud service provider to seamlessly run your mission-critical Oracle workloads.

Here are 3 critical criteria you should consider in your selection process:

1. Certifications and Standards

When hosting your own Oracle solutions in house or on a self-managed infrastructure like Oracle Gen 2 Cloud Infrastructure or AWS, you can ensure granular control of your compliance certifications and standards.

When working with a fully-managed Google Oracle cloud setup, you need to look carefully into your cloud service provider’s certifications to make sure they meet your industry and enterprise requirements.

2. Technology and Services Portfolio

As you’ll see, each Google cloud service provider offers unique technology capabilities and services to meet the needs of their clients.

Verify that your chosen Oracle in Google Cloud partner has proven experience in each of your specific Oracle solutions, such as Oracle Database in Google Cloud, as well as proven experience and strong vendor relationships for your other critical tech solutions.

3. SLA and MSP Capabilities

A fully-managed multicloud offers unmatched peace of mind for enterprise leaders wanting to eliminate the expense and headache of many day-to-day IT admin tasks – but only if you work with the right cloud service provider.

Ask your Google cloud service provider detailed questions about their SLA guarantees, including uptime and disaster recovery / failover protection, and make sure they can meet your recovery time objectives (RTO).

Simplify the Cloud with the Oracle Experts’ Google Cloud Service Provider Team

For nearly 25 years, the Oracle experts at Centroid have helped enterprises get the most out of their Oracle solutions across the full technology stack. As one of the earliest cloud pioneers on the planet, Centroid became one of the first Oracle Cloud MSPs and spearheaded the largest Oracle IaaS/PaaS integration in history.

Enterprise leaders who leverage Centroid’s unique Oracle-focused multicloud capabilities have the team they can rely on to ensure a seamless Google Cloud Oracle roadmap and migration, including hassle-free cloud management and disaster recovery services for all their Oracle workloads.


Learn more about Centroid’s multicloud offerings and see how you can combine your world-class Oracle solutions with the power of Google, AWS, and Azure to get the most from the cloud.


Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash