Get Your Production Applications and Data Insured with DRaaS

Take a second and think about your data and applications.

If you were hit with a ransomware attack in five minutes, or if your offices suffered a fire overnight, would you still be able to access the programs and information you need to keep your business running?

For most companies, the answer is “no.” Though the business leaders at these companies do understand the looming threats of cyberattack and natural disasters and have invested in cyber insurance to counteract these threats, they don’t actually expect to use their cyber insurance. That means they haven’t considered the true consequences of employing a solely reactive strategy instead of a proactive strategy.

Unfortunately, cyberattack and natural disasters can and do happen – quite often. Savvy business leaders these days are aware of the fact that, with cyber disaster, it’s no longer “if” but “when” an event will happen.

That’s why smart leaders explore their options and don’t simply rely on cyber insurance. One popular option is DRaaS.

What Is DRaaS?

A relative newcomer to the backup and disaster recovery (BDR) market, DRaaS or “disaster recovery as a service” is a cloud-based disaster recovery solution that significantly speeds up your recovery time, minimizes your downtime to mere seconds, and often costs less than the more traditional disaster recovery services that rely on using a secondary data warehouse to store your backups.

How Does DRaaS Work?

DRaaS replicates your production applications and data into a virtualized environment in real time, granting you the option to seamlessly failover your systems into the virtual instance within seconds of an attack or disaster. This offers your enterprise true business continuity on a global scale and saves you from the damage of downtime.

It’s like a proactive insurance policy for your systems and networks, putting you in the driver’s seat when it comes to handling your data and applications after a disaster.

DRaaS Does More

Since DRaaS replicates your systems in real time, the service also offers significant advantages over a traditional disaster recovery appliance. For example, DRaaS can make it easy to:

  • Ease migration processes and upgrades. Switch back and forth between your local and virtualized instances during migrations, maintenance, or upgrades to avoid business disruption.
  • Test and train on dev environments. Run simultaneous instances to simplify testing and training for new applications and development before official go live, so you can ensure a smooth transition.

Insure Your Business’s Long-Term Stability with the Right DRaaS Partner

Of course, those are great benefits, but the most important thing about a backup solution is that it works. Whether you plan to rely on tape/disk-based backups, disaster recovery appliances and secondary data warehouses, or cloud-based DRaaS solutions, you need to be sure that your backup will work exactly as planned, no matter what.

Make sure your DRaaS solution works perfectly by engaging an experienced disaster recovery and cloud expert such as Centroid.

Since 1997, Centroid has helped a diverse range of clients protect and defend their Oracle solutions from whatever may come, and, as one of the first companies in the world to certify as an Oracle Cloud MSP, Centroid has also helped clients achieve true data security with fully managed, always up-to-date systems.


Contact Centroid to learn more about DRaaS and your options for modern, effective backup in the cloud.