Five Benefits of Oracle SaaS

At this point, we can safely state that the cloud is no longer the future. Why? Because the future is here. The cloud and cloud computing are firmly entrenched in modern business operations – and cloud apps, platforms, tools, and infrastructures are making waves across pretty much every industry on the planet

If you haven’t yet explored the benefits of business-focused cloud apps, now is a great time. In a study from 2018, Gartner predicted that “by 2021, 55% of Oracle’s on-premises customers will have moved 80% of their on-premises capabilities to Oracle Cloud Applications.” Since that 55% includes your competitors, this means you’ll want to have your cloud planning well on track before 2021. 

Therefore, in the spirit of getting ahead of the curve, let’s talk about Oracle SaaS, the extensive range of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud apps that make your business easier and faster to run. 

What Are the Benefits of Oracle SaaS Apps?

This would end up being a long read if we spent this article explaining all of your options for Oracle SaaS solutions. You’re busy managing your department, and we don’t want to waste your time. Instead, it’ll suffice to say that companies like yours use Oracle’s cloud-based apps for everything from human capital management (HCM) to supply chain management (SCM) to enterprise resource planning (ERP) and beyond. 

From the shop floor to the top floor (and from the back office to the boardroom), your company is sure to find value in at least one SaaS solution that turbocharges your productivity and boosts your bottom line. 

Here are the 5 top benefits of Oracle SaaS:

1. Oracle SaaS solutions are seamlessly integrated with your existing Oracle solutions.

If you’re a long-term Oracle software user, you already know how much it matters to have lightning-fast application responsiveness for your business operations. Since the 70s, Oracle has built their reputation on high-performance software and hardware, and their cloud offerings are their fastest tools yet! 

Choosing an Oracle cloud business solution ensures that all your apps work well with your existing solutions because they’re all made and supported by the expert Oracle team. 

2. Oracle cloud apps offer predictable, lower costs and a competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

By now, you’ve already heard that the subscription-based pricing in cloud apps lowers your CapEx significantly when compared to the on-premises solutions you’re used to… but there’s a lot more to SaaS cost savings than lowered CapEx

Many executives or LOB leaders don’t expect to find a lower TCO with SaaS apps because these apps tend to cost more in OpEx over the years. However, considering that the subscription-based solution you’ll be using will always be up to date, including the latest security features, your Oracle cloud app will be likely to pay off big in the long term, since you won’t have to pay for costly updates, upgrades, or maintenance fees to get the latest software.

3. Oracle’s integrated apps are fast and easy to get off the ground.

One of the greatest advantages to using Oracle cloud applications is that you can implement new solutions quickly and easily. With days or weeks of implementation time, instead of the months that an on-premises solution often takes, you’ll know you can use your SaaS app in record time to solve upcoming problems

About to acquire a global business? A cloud HCM tool can be implemented prior to your acquisition for a seamless transition. Want a boost of efficiency for the upcoming holiday sales rush? A cloud SCM app can help you streamline warehouse operations right now, instead of in months or years. This is only the beginning; you have many more options. Check with an Oracle Cloud Expert to learn more

4. The right blend of Oracle SaaS solutions can enhance your flexibility and agility.

These days, only one thing is constant in the business world: Everything will change. Your task is to change with the times, so you can pull ahead of the competition. Oracle SaaS apps are perfectly suited to today’s ever-changing business landscape because their affordable, quick-to-implement nature makes them simple to mix and match, so your organization can tackle new challenges. 

With SaaS, you have the power to try a new app for a while with the knowledge that when you outgrow it or find something better, you can cancel your subscription and try another new app. This freedom is the only way to achieve true agility, which is one of the reasons the cloud is so critical to modern business operations. 

5. Because they’re backed by Oracle, these cloud apps are likely to win the full approval of your IT department.

To be honest, there’s a high likelihood that your department is already running a few SaaS apps that aren’t from Oracle, without your knowledge. Because anyone with a credit card can purchase a SaaS app, and because many of these apps are free to start with, employees and managers alike often to choose to create their own mix-and-match cloud add-on solutions, with apps such as Dropbox, Trello, or Google Drive. These “rogue” applications, also known as “shadow IT,” can create security problems for your networks and non-compliance issues for your department – and they also create hassles for IT when updates are due. 

Most IT departments are glad to add Oracle SaaS apps to their lineup because the apps are backed by Oracle’s trusted reputation for security and interoperability. In addition, Oracle apps are supported by your Oracle partner or the Oracle team, which means IT will only have one vendor to handle, instead of countless droves of vendors for countless droves of apps. 

Choose the Right Oracle SaaS Solution for Your Needs

SaaS apps provide many benefits to mid-size and large organizations, but to get the most out of your solutions, you have to choose carefully. By working with an Oracle partner that is also a cloud expert, you can ensure that you get the right Oracle SaaS solutions for your needs, at the right cost, and you can get them implemented on your timeline. 

Since 1997, the cloud experts at Centroid have been helping clients select, implement, manage, and support the full Oracle technology stack, and we’re one of the pioneers in Oracle Cloud solutions. When you need help with Oracle Cloud solutions, Centroid is the team to call. 

Not only did Centroid create one of the fastest cloud migration tools on the market, our team also spearheaded one of the largest Oracle Cloud implementations on the globe and became one of the first Oracle Cloud MSPs in the world – and we’re also recognized by Oracle as leaders in the cloud space

Best of all, we’re happy to help you navigate your options for Oracle cloud apps, starting today.


Learn more about Centroid’s extensive cloud experience when you browse through our case studies.