Enhancing Business Applications with Oracle Big Data

Centroid will be exhibiting and presenting at Collaborate 2014 in Las Vegas from April 7 – 11th. Stop by our booth #1360 on Main Street and be sure to attend our educational sessions. In one of our upcoming sessions, we will be presenting “Enhancing Business Applications with Oracle Big Data.”
Business users have been struggling with one dimensionality of the data residing in applications. They have been using Data Analysts to integrate data together outside of the Business Applications. To unlock the value of big data, organizations need to extend the existing IT architecture from the tried and tested relational technology to non-relational technology. Only a combination of both relational and non-relational data technology, and the analytic techniques they enable can propel organizations toward fact-based decisions driven by the analytics of large and diverse big data sets and decision management enabling consistent, compliant and optimized responses to business events.
Big data can provide new business insight, which can lead to smarter, data-driven decisions. But this insight is only realized when you can perform integrated analysis of all the data. You need a platform that can work with data from many different sources, and then run powerful analytics to uncover the hidden relationships that not only provide new insights, but also give you the tools to forecast future results and map out alternative scenarios to optimize your business outcomes.
Because today’s data comes from many different sources and in many different formats, new software is needed to acquire and organize it. The analytic platform must support new storage and analytics technologies like Hadoop and NoSQL as well as traditional enterprise data sources and business intelligence tools.
The existing enterprise architecture is already complex, and big data adds new requirements that can make it even more so. Engineered systems are proven to tame that complexity, reduce your risk and accelerate productive deployments. So, in our presentation, we will take a look at Oracle’s offerings around big data and how the data can be integrated together to provide the end user a comprehensive view of data.
All of this and more will be covered at Collaborate 2014 in Las Vegas. To learn more about the Enhancing Business Applications with Oracle Big Data, be sure to add our presentation to your event agenda.

Presented by Ajay Arora, Director of Enterprise Architecture and Strategy
Date: April 8, 2014 – 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Location: Level 3, San Polo – 3505
(Session ID #13978)

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