E-Business Suite Printer Setup: Security Through Obscurity

Recently, one of my clients required that I secure several of their printers in E-Business Suite so that only certain users could access them. User specific printer security is not standard functionality in Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.1 but with a little security-through-obscurity we met the requirement to the clients satisfaction. The requirement was a result of the inital setup which caused these printers to appear on the Printers list of values in the Concurrent Request submission screen under “Options”.

These printers were check printers and since we are on R12, the Payments Administrator and Payments Manager are employed setup and then execute payment. You may recall that Payment Process Profiles are where you setup your default printer for payment batches. Additionally, the list of values on the Payment Process Profile returns ALL printers installed in E-Business Suite.

Format Payment Instructions (IBY_FD_PAYMENT_FORMAT)

they were not listed in the the list of values (LOV) for users printing normal reports. User to printer security is not