Ditch Oracle Reports (RDF’s): Pure Play BI Publisher

I frequently encounter “pixel perfect” custom reports in both 11i and R12 that were created using Oracle Reports for data extraction into an XML stream then passed to the BI Publisher Output Post Processor for formatting, typically as a PDF. This leaves some great improvements in performance and flexibility in how we generate reports in E-Business Suite unutilized. The Embedded version of BI Publisher on both 11i and R12 include a powerful Java based data extraction engine that is capable of 40% greater performance than Oracle Reports C++ based engine.
BI Publisher Anatomy (E-Business Suite embedded edition)

BI Publisher as a stand alone product has five components. When dealing with the BI Publisher that is embedded in your E-Business Suite instance, three of those components are leveraged and the remainder are displaced by existing E-Business Suite functionality.


Data Extraction Engine (XDODTEXE – JCP4XDODataEngine)
Output Post Processor (FNDCPOPP – XMLPublisherProcessor)
Bursting Engine (XDOBURSTRPT – JCP4XDOBurstingEngine)


Report Server – Replaced by

Scheduler – Replaced by Concurrent Manager

<?xml version = '1.0' encoding = 'UTF-8'?>
<!--         This is a comment line        -->
<!--   You can build your flower box here  -->
<dataTemplate name="XX_WHAT_TIME_IS_IT" version="1.0">
      <sqlStatement name="QUERY1">
              <![CDATA[SELECT sysdate
                 FROM dual]]>
      <group name="GROUP_Q1" source="QUERY1">
            <element name="SYSTEM_DATE" value="sysdate"/>