How to Succeed with Digital Business Transformation

“Digital business transformation” has become a corporate buzzword these days but, like a lot of the jargon in the industry, this term has lost most of its meaning.

In my opinion, the whitewashing of this term is a shame because the concept of digital transformation is a big one. Used properly, this form of transformation leads to the execution of the biggest of the big ideas, and it drives true enterprise evolution. 

So, let’s get back to the basics and talk about how your enterprise can succeed with authentic digital business transformation

What Digital Business Transformation Is (and Isn’t)

At its core, digital business transformation is a method of utilizing new tools and technologies to create lasting business change. But the focus of digital transformation shouldn’t be on the tools, it should be on your business. 

Specifically, the focus should be on your business’s future

Many business leaders (and technology consultants too!) mistakenly conflate better operational efficiency with better enterprise agility. It would be great if operational efficiency were the key to lasting business success, but if that were the case, business would be a purely mechanical process in which you would install Tech Product A to experience Predictable Outcome B. In that scenario, the enterprises with the deepest pockets would install all the right tools, and disruption wouldn’t exist. 

Yet, disruption does exist… largely due to true digital business transformation. 

Remember, the key concept in digital transformation is transformation. Implementing new, digital tools, just so you can perform the same business tasks faster and easier, isn’t transformation – it’s simply acceleration. 

As we’ve all seen repeatedly, faster operations won’t help you if a newcomer arrives on the scene and disrupts your entire business model. The only thing that will help you in that situation is if you have a clear, agile strategy that you can adjust to fundamentally change your enterprise from the bottom up (AKA transform), so you can overcome disruptions, disturbances, and obstacles across your industry. 

In short: Digital business tools should be used to develop, execute on, and support your transformational business strategies; no tool should be mistaken for a strategy in itself. Digital business transformation isn’t about the tools you have, but how you use them.

A Great Technology Consultant Can Help You Succeed with True Digital Transformation

Unfortunately, many tech consultants focus so much on the bells and whistles of the newest tools that they neglect to fully consider how those tools will support their clients’ long-term success strategies. Therefore, choosing the right consultant is one of the first actions you’ll need to take to set yourself up for a successful digital transformation

The bad news about this is that the consultant selection process takes quite a bit of time and effort on your part, but every cloud has a silver lining. The good news about the lengthy consultant selection process is that, with time, it’s a lot easier to tell a great consultant from a merely good one. (Bad consultants are easy to spot, even from miles away.)

Top Tip: When interviewing technology consultants, pay attention to how the great consultants continuously strategize for your long-term business success. 

Cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, AI, and high performance cloud infrastructures like Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are great – but they aren’t the right choice for every enterprise. To make sure your solutions are the best fit for your enterprise needs, your consultant should be able to explain how each tool’s benefits and drawbacks can enhance your specific business objectives

Your consultant shouldn’t start instantly planning to simply replicate your current operations with newer, faster tools such as AI, they should spend their time carefully listening to your current business challenges and how you hope to overcome them. They should ask you about your long-term business objectives. If you’re planning a move to the cloud, your consultant should recommend creating a clear cloud roadmap before implementing any new tools, even on-premises ones. 

Most importantly, a great consultant should work hard to ensure that your digital tools are closely aligned with your short- and long-term business strategies, so you’ll be properly supported for your true digital business transformation. 

Looking for a Transformation-Focused Cloud Consultant? Start with Centroid. 

For more than 20 years, Centroid has guided enterprise clients through the process of refining and reviewing digital business strategies, helping enterprise leaders maintain agility and counteract a constant stream of disruptive competitors. 

How can the Centroid team ensure that we’re delivering truly transformational solutions to our clients? Because we’ve applied these same digital tools to our own multiple business transformations over the years. 

Long before “the cloud” was a common conversational term, Centroid saw the cloud’s potential and took the time to understand it, implement it, and support it – which is why we became one of the first Oracle Cloud MSPs on the entire planet

As our global enterprise clients developed the far-seeing vision to deploy mission-critical operations on cloud infrastructure (IaaS), Centroid pioneered cutting-edge, brand-new cloud implementation techniques never seen before, so we could support our visionary clients in their transformation. 

And, as our clients increasingly have chosen to migrate their high-performance workloads to the cloud, we’ve been there with them every step of the way – the Centroid team even created a groundbreaking cloud migration tool that can cut migration times from months to hours

At Centroid, we understand digital business transformation because we’ve lived it – again and again and again. And we’re committed to applying our in-depth knowledge of transformation to helping every one of our clients succeed with their goals and objectives. 

If you’re looking for true digital business transformation, not just new tools to perform old tricks, it’s time to begin your transformational journey. Contact Centroid to find out how we can help.