Get Your Feet Wet by Deploying Dev Environments (Applications) in Oracle Cloud

Today’s highly competitive, fast-paced business landscape requires agility and the ability to pivot at a moment’s notice. However, often in the interests of speed, modern companies neglect to “look before they leap” into new projects or tools… and we all know what happens when you act hastily without enough forethought and planning.

Yet, how can you maintain your competitive agility and release new tools before your business opponents, while also taking the time to carefully test all the new applications you want to start developing and using immediately?


You can get your feet wet by deploying your application dev environments in Oracle Cloud.

What Is Oracle Cloud?

A highly flexible, full-featured solution base, Oracle Cloud provides a complete stack of cloud tools – everything from infrastructure (IaaS) to platform (PaaS) to, of course, applications (SaaS).

Though regulatory or resources issues may prevent your company from moving fully to the Oracle Cloud at this time, you can still use Oracle’s cloud-based environments to develop and test your new applications with the care they require.

Why Choose the Oracle Cloud for Dev Environments?

If your company is running Oracle for your applications, databases, and other business tech solutions already, this is a no-brainer. Running your test environment will make it easy to properly assess how your new Oracle-integrated application will work with your current tools.

However, did you know that the Oracle Cloud also empowers organizations with the ability to run non-Oracle workloads in the cloud?

If you’re not using Oracle currently, you’ll enjoy the flexibility, scalability, and sheer operability of Oracle’s IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions because in Oracle Cloud, just like in on-premise Oracle products, everything simply works. That means you can spend more time perfecting your customer-facing or internal app, and less time fiddling with your environment.

Oracle Cloud PaaS – A Targeted Solution

Looking for a fast and easy way to set up test environments for multiple platforms? Oracle PaaS (platform as a service) has got you covered with turnkey, multi-platform dev environments that you can spin up nearly instantaneously, anywhere in the world. This helps you quickly and effectively test cross-platform apps on demand, so you can look before you leap for all your new applications.

Set Up the Oracle Cloud with Care

You’re focused on your new application, which means you need the fastest, easiest setup possible for your cloud-based test environment. If you’re looking for reliable, turnkey Oracle Cloud setup, call on the cloud experts.

Since 1997, Centroid has been helping diverse SMBs and global enterprises maximize their Oracle systems and solutions to achieve optimal flexibility, security, and performance. When the Oracle Cloud came on the scene, we immediately recognized its potential and began an aggressive campaign to recruit and retain the leading cloud techs available.

At this point, Centroid is viewed as one of the leading Oracle Cloud experts in the ecosystem, and we’ve completed the largest global Oracle Cloud implementation ever done. We’re also one of the first Oracle partners in the world to certify as a cloud managed service provider (MSP).

If you’re looking to get your feet wet in an Oracle Cloud dev environment, that means you already have a new application you’re focused on. Save time and get a cloud setup you can trust when you work with the cloud experts at Centroid.


Contact Centroid to learn more about your options for deploying a dev environment in the Oracle Cloud.