Building Your Cloud Roadmap – From Planning and Design to Oracle Managed Services

In Part 1and Part 2 of this short blog series on building a cloud roadmap, I’ve discussed how you can plan a successful cloud transformation for your business by applying the steps that Oracle Cloud consultants and implementation experts use. In today’s article, we’ll talk about a few migration tasks you’re unlikely to be able to complete in-house (but are still important steps on your cloud journey’s roadmap), and I’ll also help you decide whether or not Oracle Managed Services would be the right choice for your business.

This will be the last article in this short series, but feel free to contact Centroid anytime when you have additional Oracle Cloud migration questions.

Let’s get moving, so you can dive upward and onward into your cloud transformation.

Step 5: Move on Up

If you’ve been reading the rest of this series, you’ll be familiar with the cloud-journey metaphor I’ve been using of planning a trip to Spain. At this point, I think everyone reading this wants to take a trip there – the Spanish tourism board will be overwhelmed! (wink)

Steps 1-4 included careful planning, and now it’s time to execute your plan. In our metaphor, this would be where you get on the plane and take off for vacation. And just as you wouldn’t expect to have to learn to fly a 747 to reach Spain, you also don’t need to learn how to architect, customize, re-platform, backup, and migrate your apps and data to reach the cloud. Your Oracle consultant will be your “pilot” that gets you safely to the cloud.

Take action: Though you probably don’t want your in-house team to perform the actual migration, you can start the process now by researching Oracle Cloud consultants focused on your industry. It’ll take a while to find the perfect consultant (here are some tips to help), but taking the time to find your best fit will save you from headaches and worry later on. 

Step 6: Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

So, you’ve reached Spain and you’ve planned your itinerary, but there are still small administrative details to handle on your day-to-day travels.

For instance, you’ll need to know how to get to the train, so you can get from Madrid to Barcelona, and you’ll have to make sure you find a porter who speaks English, so you can ensure you’re on the right train. You’ll also need to find bathrooms, good places to eat, and your hotels… and all of these tasks are just a bit tricky if you don’t know the customs or language. Plus, you don’t want to run into that “tourist tax” that non-speakers often face in other nations.

This is where a guide comes in handy.

When you choose an Oracle consultant that is also a certified Oracle Managed Services Provider, you’ll have your guide to the cloud. They’ll be your on-call “translator” for all things cloud, they’ll keep you and your data secure in the cloud, and they’ll take care of all the cloud IT administrative details for you, such as patching, updates, cost optimization, and speed / streamlining tasks.

Take action: During your research phase, seek out a best-in-class Oracle Managed Services Provider (MSP) to help support your end-to-end cloud experience. With the right Oracle MSP on your side, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a team that will keep thinking of new and better ways your company can build revenues and achieve your objectives over the years, using all the cloud has to offer. 

Plan Beyond Your Roadmap to the Cloud with an Oracle Managed Services Provider

As you conduct your research into various Oracle Cloud implementation specialists, consider Centroid. Not only does Centroid work with the full stack of Oracle offerings and services, we were also one of the first certified Oracle Cloud Managed Services Providers in the world– and we continue to be one of the most knowledgeable consulting firms when it comes to migrating to the Oracle Cloud.

And, of course, if you work with us, the first thing we’ll do is to help you build your own unique, tailor-fit roadmap to the cloud. Because the cloud journey isn’t a one-size-fits-all project, it’s a personalized adventure that gets your company exactly where you want to be.

Many many years ago, it may have seemed like magic to plan a trip to a faraway place like Spain, just as these days it may seem like magic to plan your business’s migration to the cloud. However, though it may seem like magic, creating a roadmap to the cloud doesn’t take wizardry. It takes a thorough and meticulous process of understanding where you want to be, identifying your current system’s strengths and weaknesses, combining that understanding with in-depth knowledge about the capabilities and future options for the cloud, and then making achievable plans so you can accomplish your goals in the best way possible.

Let’s get started.


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