Build Your Cloud Competencies with Oracle Managed Cloud Services

With today’s IT skills gap, enterprises are racing to lock in top IT experts at competitive rates. However, since IT skills are in high demand in our modern, tech-driven world, it’s hard work to “lock in” tech experts. A lot of IT personnel job-hop frequently for higher pay or higher-status jobs at Amazon, Google, or Microsoft – and considering that Oracle is currently pouring resources into building their cloud infrastructure practice and hiring nearly 2,000 new employees, many Oracle Cloud experts are likely to start jumping ship too.  

This means you may find yourself scrambling to fill needed cloud skills at your company, and soon. 

But beware! If you’re forced to wait to find the right people to fill those lost IT positions, you may find yourself at a competitive disadvantage because you won’t have the in-house cloud competencies to support a critical cloud migration

What can you do to escape this dilemma? Luckily, there’s a solution that helps eliminate your Oracle Cloud skills gap effortlessly and immediately: work with an Oracle Managed Cloud Services team. 

What Are Oracle Managed Cloud Services?

As you already know, Managed Services Providers (MSPs) are outsourced IT professionals that help you manage your IT systems around the clock, maintaining the security of your systems and networks, and monitoring them for any anomalies. 

Similarly, Oracle Cloud Managed Services Providers (Oracle Cloud MSPs) help you specifically manage your Oracle Cloud systems and services, including your cloud ERP, your cloud database, your cloud infrastructure, and other cloud solutions. These highly certified, outsourced Oracle Cloud professionals will help you optimize, update, secure, upgrade, monitor, patch, and manage your cloud systems

The leading Oracle Cloud MSPs can augment or replace your in-house cloud competencies, so you get the Oracle Cloud skills you need to move confidently into your business future. 

  • Build your cloud competencies
    Oracle Cloud MSPs help you manage and oversee your Oracle Cloud solutions, providing granular insight into your various cloud services and Oracle SaaS apps, your IaaS or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure setup, your cloud platforms (Oracle PaaS), and other cloud services and solutions you may be using. 

Why Choose an Oracle Managed Cloud Services Provider? 

In today’s business landscape, cloud experts are in high demand. Oracle experts, such as database experts, command higher salaries for their specialized expertise and skillset. As you can guess, Oracle Cloud experts are hard to find for full-time, in-house positions – and when you find one, they often cost quite a bit to hire. 

With an Oracle Cloud MSP, you can be assured you’ll always have the Oracle Cloud expertise you need, on demand, at a price that makes sense for your budget

  • Build your cloud competencies
    When you work with an Oracle Managed Cloud Services Provider, they can help you not only support your existing cloud systems, but also build your long-term cloud strategy because they’ll know about all the latest cloud tools and solutions relevant to your specific needs. Even the best-trained, in-house team isn’t likely to know every available Oracle Cloud solution, and that makes Oracle MSPs a valuable addition to any team.  

Can an Outsourced Team Grow Your In-House Skillset? Yes!

One of the biggest benefits of working with an Oracle Cloud MSP is that they can help you close your in-house skills gap in an easy, convenient way. Ask your Cloud MSP about training opportunities for your team that get your internal staff up to speed on your SaaS apps, IaaS solution, or cloud platform, so you can plan for a seamless transition from outside management to in-house management. 

  • Build your cloud competencies
    It’s important to note that working with an Oracle Cloud MSP doesn’t have to be an “either/or” situation. Even if you have great cloud skills in-house, you may choose to outsource certain tasks to an external managed services team. Common outsourced tasks include finding solutions to perplexing problems and executing complex processes such as new implementations

Wondering Where to Find Oracle Managed Cloud Services?

To become an Oracle Cloud Managed Services Provider, candidate companies have to complete a rigorous certification process that prepares them to handle a range of Oracle Cloud solutions. At this time, there aren’t that many Oracle Cloud MSPs in the world so, naturally, there are even fewer here in North America. Unfortunately, this means it can be hard to find an available Oracle Cloud MSP to help your company… but lucky you, you’ve found one! 

As one of the leading Oracle Cloud specialists in North America and certified as one of the first Oracle Cloud MSPs on the planet, Centroid has the expertise and availability to help your company build your cloud competencies by providing an outsourced option for the cloud services you require. 

Unlike many other MSPs, Centroid employs a large in-house team of Oracle Cloud experts, who are certified across the full stack of Oracle Cloud solutions. We don’t outsource our work to other providers, and that means you know who you’ll be working with when you work with Centroid. 

In addition, Centroid maintains three offices in Detroit, Dallas and Hyderabad, India; which means we’re available around the clock to help you and your team handle cloud questions and solve cloud issues, instantly. In many cases, we can even travel directly to your offices. 

Centroid is the team to call when you want to build or augment your cloud competencies with the Oracle Cloud. 


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