Looking to Move to AWS? Here’s What to Look for in Your AWS Cloud Service Provider

Moving your enterprise database to the cloud is an important task, which means it requires careful planning and a roadmap. It also requires you to work with an experienced AWS cloud implementation and support partner that can ensure your mission-critical data stays available to your global team before, during, and after your migration.

Put another way, you do not want to choose “just any” consultant to handle your AWS migration, you want to work with the best AWS cloud service provider you can find.

But how can you find the best AWS cloud service provider? Here are 5 things you should look for during your interview and selection process.

1. Extensive Experience

When planning your move to Amazon Web Services, remember that the consultant you choose will be in charge of keeping your critical tools running. You do not have time to waste with an inexperienced team that may lose control of your data or solutions.

Determine the quality of the cloud solutions team you are considering by asking about the size of the team, their number of successful implementations, their overall flexibility and full cloud stack know-how, and their experience working in your industry.

2. Time-Saving Tools

By this stage in your career, you have probably completed a software migration, such as an ERP migration,before. Therefore, you already know that having the right automated migration tools can speed up the process significantly.

Look for the cloud service provider that can deliver consistent, repeatable results with time-saving migration and integration tools, as well as cloud insight solutions that help you cut your costs over the short- and long-term.

3. A Great SLA

An effective, well-thought-out SLA addresses your cloud solution provider’s reliability and responsiveness, and also outlines exactly what happens if your enterprise experiences downtime.

When choosing your AWS cloud service provider for Oracle Database in AWS or other solution / workload migrations to Amazon, read carefully through the provider’s SLA. Look for uptime guarantees and ensure that you can access continuous support. Since your company must run continuously, you should expect your cloud service provider’s support to run continuously as well.

4. Trust

Remember, you are entrusting all your business data over to the cloud solution provider you choose, along with the mission-critical operations of your enterprise. It is well worth your time to investigate their credentials carefully.

You deserve to know that your consultant will keep your data safe. Ask for references, check for testimonials, ask about their awards and accreditations, look into their affiliations, and do not forget about their security certifications and compliance capabilities.

5. Planning Know-How

Roadmapping a migration to AWS takes time, careful planning, and the ability to imagine all the possibilities upfront. Only an experienced team that is familiar with the ins and outs of your current systems, as well as AWS, can envision and overcome obstacles in advance to keep your migration and enterprise operations seamlessly on track.

Choose a cloud solutions provider that knows everything there is to know about AWS technology and your options. A good consultant should be able to think strategically and guide you to the best cloud performance, geo-locations, and speeds for your organization, while considering and overcoming potential tech limitations.

Final Tips for Finding the Right AWS Cloud Service Provider for Your Enterprise

Whether you are setting up your Oracle Database in AWS, you are planning to get out of the “datacenter business” by moving your mission-critical solutions to Amazon servers, or you are simply trying to host or store some of your important enterprise data on Amazon Web Services, you deserve to work with the best AWS cloud service provider.

The tips above should help you narrow down your selections to a shortlist of the right consultants for your needs, but consider these final points as you are looking through your options:

  • No two cloud service providers are the same and no two offer the same services. Ensure your shortlist of providers can all meet your precise needs; do not assume they can.
  • Search for a service provider / consultant with a culture and approach that matches your enterprise requirements and culture. Ensure that your cloud service provider can meet your current and future tech needs with ease.

When you take the time to focus on these two critical selection criteria, you will be better assured that you have found the right partner to support your enterprise whenever you need them. You will be able to trust them on this project and in the years to come.

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