Are You Missing Out? Oracle Business Analytics

In our modern Age of Big Data, we all know that business analytics solutions form the backbone of our decision-making capabilities.

Drawing from a wide range of sources and data points from both inside and outside the organization, today’s intelligent business software applications work tirelessly, around the clock, to provide companies with the deep insight and clear visualizations they need to maintain their competitive edge and pivot quickly when needed.

But how are savvy organizations using business analytics solutions to help them spot relevant trends, and what is the secret to making your Oracle business analytics solution work perfectly for you? Get the answers in today’s article.

The Secret You’ve Long Suspected About the Modern Business Landscape…Is True

If you’ve been feeling that the modern business world has started to run faster than ever before, your perception is actually correct: the business world literally runs at the speed of light these days.

From data transmission through fiber optics cables to 4K-resolution mobile screens for video conferencing on the go, everything from communications to orders to customer service has lit up in the past few years – and the companies that are pulling ahead in this speedy world are the ones that can keep up.

Forward-thinking companies—the ones setting the pace in our modern world—stay on top of the information they need by choosing high-performance analytics software that keeps them in the loop at all times so they can make lightning-fast decisions with serene confidence.

However, before you rush out to buy Oracle business analytics software and services for your company, you should know this:

Analytics solutions are all similar out of the box. The key differentiating factor for your business lies in how you optimize your specific solution.

Your Oracle Business Analytics Solution Is Only as Strong as You Make It

If you’re ready to extract the maximum amount of data from your Oracle business analytics solution, you’ll need to ensure that you’re gathering data from as many sources as possible.

You’ll also need to ensure that the data you see is presented and prioritized in a way that matches your specific long-term goals and objectives.

And, finally, you’ll need to ensure that the data you see is reliable, relevant, and accessible in real time.

How can you make sure that you’re gaining all the benefits you require from your Oracle business analytics solution? Easy. Hire the right Oracle consultant to help you optimize your system.

3 Tips to Choose the Right Oracle Partner to Optimize Oracle Business Analytics

When choosing your Oracle partner, ensure that you look for the following three specific traits:

1.They must have years of expertise with Oracle products

Business analytics optimization is complex. Well-trained Oracle partners can all access the same data sources to connect to your Oracle business analytics software, but a true master of analytics must have years of experience with Oracle products to come up with the creative data-sourcing solutions that will provide your company with the greatest and deepest insight possible.

2.They must provide a depth and breadth of services related to Oracle products

Since analytics programs provide more value when connected to as many data sources as possible, you should choose an Oracle consultant who has experience with a wide range of related Oracle products.

Their experience with these products will mean that they can integrate data from various, necessary sources faster than the partners who don’t have as much experience. That increased integration speed from them will help yourbottom line.

3.They must have proven industry recognition

Awards, achievements, and other accolades don’t necessarily tell you how a company will be to work with – but these forms of recognition tell you what other customers and clients have thought of the service they received from their Oracle partner.

When you choose a consultant with a long list of awards, you can bet they also have a long list of satisfied clients.

Find the Right Consultant and Ensure Your Analytics Success

After 20 years of working with the full stack of Oracle products and a reputation for having the most skilled staff in the ecosystem, Centroid has the experience you need to ensure that your business analytics optimization or installation project delivers the results you expect.


Business analytics software is too important to leave to chance. Learn more about how you can optimize your Oracle business analytics solution with the right Oracle partner when you contact Centroid.